~Lot trait’s are great soil, child’s play, and sunny aspect, and the lot challenge is filthy. All Sim’s in the household got a new party, formal, and updated weather look.~

The Kitchen before and after pictures really just subtle changes but really gives the space an added character.

Right away Joselyn celebrated her birthday and aged up into a child.

At the roll of the dice Joselyn got animal enthusiast and is going for social aspiration.

How Joselyn looks now that she has aged up.

Camilla really leaning into the super mom roll entertaining her three toddlers and two children. Camilla lives for her children and cares very much that they experience a fulfilling and enriching youth. Family means everything to Camilla.

Being a full time mom however often meant that sometimes she played stand in as plumber.

Sometimes it meant being a maid and cleaning those ridiculously difficult to clean toddler spills.

It means encouraging homework and refereeing cats from toddlers.

It also meant being gathered close gaining sentiments with loved ones reading fairy tales and singing nursery rhymes. Though it can be a lot of work having the togetherness of family really means a lot.

As difficult as it may be sometimes to wrangle the whole family together Camilla was determined to do it and decided that perhaps her relationships with siblings was fading away. Everyone just tends to get caught up in careers and child rearing that organized familial events happen less frequently. So any chance she gets to have all the family together she gets it and made sure with auntie and uncle figure had a resident key to just drop in. That basically Camilla’s home was everyone’s home away from home.

Chapter 2 coming