~Lot trait is Gnomes and the lot challenge is gremlins. All Sim’s in house household got a new party, formal, and updated weather look.~

The updated kitchen look of course!

Eva spends most of her time managing the house however even on those moments where she has the time to sit and relax she found herself needing to do something in some way productive. Remembering a time when her mother taught her to knit she decided to pick up this new hobby maybe make a little side hustle of it by selling her creations on Plopsy!

Colten was feeling like there was something missing in his life and had been feeling that for awhile. On a whim he found himself browsing pet adoption sites and arranged to have a visit with a puppy! Of course as soon as Colten and the pup meant they fell in love with each other!

Even Eva who wasn’t completely on board with having a puppy immediately fell in love too! So it was settled they paid the adoption fee and added the pup to their household!

Meet Pixel he is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy, traits are smart, friendly and jumpy.

Alvaro certainty was pleased to meet the new family member. The two of them spent hours playing together before poor pixel got too sleepy and had to have a nap.

Pixel settled in for his nap on the oversized pet bed perhaps one day he will grow into it. Eva did enjoy having the little pup by her feet while she knitted away. Colten’s sister had stopped by to invite everyone to hers in Willow Creek for a family dinner. Colten agreed they would come.

Dakota stuck around for awhile that day and they talked about family history and the family tree.

At the Family Dinner Party Eva helped make dinner with Dakota. Colten caught up a little with his sister his mind was blown when he saw the upgrades that had been made to his sister’s kitchen! Even though his kitchen was also done it’s merely a fraction of the size and not really well equipped to handle such grand family dinners and get togethers.

Colten found himself in the basement of his sisters home really bonding with his brother in law as they both shared a passion for robotics and tinkering.

Eva and Dakota sat in the kitchen most of the evening between meal prep chatting away.

“Those men of ours just get together it’s like they start speaking another language with all the robotic talk.” Dakota mentioned.

“Right!? Okay I’m glad you said something because once they get going I’m lost I have no idea what they are talking about.” Eva agreed.

“It’s good for them they have someone else to ‘play’ with gives me a break from all that talk of tinkering.”

Eva laughed with Dakota, “So true though.”

Gathering so many people around the table at the same time does kind of end up a little chaotic when there’s this many sims but all in all the dinner party was such a success and everyone had a great time.

It was nearing the end of the night when Ed got a call from his crush! Of course since he was sitting with all his cousins they were interested in joining so they all traveled to the bluffs together to hang out. Samara insisted that he come and to bring his cousins Ed did feel a little awkward about all his cousins meeting his crush and it may make things weird but it was kind of already happening and just ended up going along with the whole outing.

After some brief introductions of Samara meeting Ed’s cousins they quickly rushed over to go diving and swimming in the bluffs.

It actually turned out really well some other teenagers showed up so it didn’t feel awkward just having ed show up to a “date” with his cousins! Wait was this a date?

Samara called him over to a more private location by the Bluff Poolside. The two of them talked privately flirting and laughing with each other.

Spending this day with his family turned out to have a really happy ending for Ed.

Chapter 2 coming!