~Lot trait are bracing breezes, fast internet, and child’s play the lot challenge is quake zone. All Sim’s in house household got a new party, formal, and updated weather look.~

Of course the updated kitchen!

Bryant gains sits atop the stairs working on what he hopes will be his best selling book. He can hear the chatter from his family downstairs below. It sounds as if his wife has gathered her pose over to go out for the night in only some peace and quiet this evening He might just get that book finished to publish!

Daniella as usual a friend group always around her as she really just is the kind of person that thrives with others always around them attracting friendships everywhere she goes. Pretty much everybody’s friends with Daniella.

After the women continued on their outing Bryant did just that he stayed up all night typing away at his novel, all it needs now are those finishing touches really if he works at it enough he’ll send it off by morning. that was the goal and he got it! Out is goes off to publishing! Feeling accomplished and exhausted it was time for one of his famous burnout slumbers.

Meanwhile of course Daniella was at the Solar Flare Lounge. Even if Bryant was in one of his writing escapades and exhaustion induced slumber Daniella could count on him being home that meaning the children of course had an adult nearby.

And of course in typical Bryant Fashion his nose buried in a book he found a way to share his passion by telling fantastical childhood fairy tales it became somewhat of a family routine to listen to Bryant’s tales led by the inspiration of his four beautiful supportive children.

Bryant gaines made several gains this go around!

Daniela Gaines also made gains!

and before I forget the family tree for this household

Chapter 2 coming soon