~Lot trait is good soil, Natural Light, and Celebrity home lot challenge is quake zone. All Sim’s in house household got a new party, formal, and updated weather look.~

The updated Kitchen not too many changes a splash of colour some larger windows furnishings, flooring, and walls.

Mary has gained herself the fame quirk of Vain street it’s no wonder why, she spends a lot of time fussing in the mirror trying to beat the signs of aging now as she is beginning to feel her age catching up to her. As a global Superstar she does get stan’s as well as a refined palette as some other fame quirks she has picked up. Paparazzi seem to always be outside and now her home is on a tourist attraction sight seeing ride.

Randal a Painter Extraordinaire also brings in his own fame attracting his own set of adoring fans. Randal now has found that he has less time to spend on his work and has noticed an increase in fatigue. Still waking up first thing in the morning from a nature call but instead of going to art room Randal finds himself instead going to lay back down for a nap or to relax.

Meanwhile the teenagers of the house were studying each with their own aspiration to join their siblings in university perhaps catch a break from living in a celebrity home for awhile as of course they are directly affected by being so close to fame living with a global superstar. Living a life in which appearances are everything.

Zoey found her own way to deal with it trying to find centre in the chaotic world around her.

Jalen is less affected by the fame as he just have a kind of charisma about him he makes friends easily and is liked by many.

It was after one of those naps. Randal had gone for a nap in the spare bedroom. He had spent most of the day in bed. The teenagers were at school and Mary could be anywhere but not here at this moment in time for Randal’s need. He died of old age after standing up too quickly from his nap.

Mary had buried next to their late son and family pet in the garden.

Chapter 2 Coming