~Lot traits are fast interent, great schools, and peace and quiet, lot challenges are reduce and recycle All Sim’s in house household got a new party, formal, and updated weather look.~

The upgraded kitchen area, only some slight changes were made here this time.

Ryan Squires often spent his off time from work still working, whether it be reviewing budget proposals, tutoring students, creating lesson plans and the many other duties that the Eduacation Career. Ryan also enjoys reading and researching new and interesting subjects and ideas.

Lakisha on the other hand was typically to be found tinkering with robotics building bits and pieces of things.

In a household with this many sims in it and having to share a room with all her sisters Lilliana improvised to find herself a quiet zen space for her to practice yoga and meditation in her own outdoor sanctuary.

Samara spent her free time painting, most of her art can be seen decorating the walls of her shared bedroom. With Dreams that someday her art will hang on the walls in museums.

Kate is usually always with Lily best friends tied at the hip.

With the rest of the household busy the youngest member of the Squires family Kirk was busy getting to know his new girlfriend Ariella very well.

Kirk isn’t the only one of this household with smooth moves though as Samara makes the first move in her new relationship with Ed!

Mr. and Mrs. Squires are themselves over achievers in their lives and there is a lot of pressure placed upon their children to live up to these high expectations. School projects and good grades are highly encouraged in this household.

So much so that as soon as that letter came for Lilliana she begone to feel the anxiety rise. What if she wasn’t accepted what if she was? Lillana was eager to open it but didn’t want to do it in front of her parents just in case so she called her older sister Chandler, who is already living away from the home and attending University herself to come over and be present for the opening of the letter.

“well Lilliana open it what does it say?” Chandler asked anticipation rising.

Lilliana exhaled a big breath out, “okay, here it goes.” Lilliana tore open the letter silently reading it giving no indication on her face the result.


“I did… I got in!” Lilliana finally exclaimed nearly in shock of it herself. Chandler squealed with excitement and

Chandler squealed with excitement and the sisters did their secret handshake.

“I’m going to University!”

“You are!” Chandler agreed.

“I can’t believe it!”

“believe it babe! Hey, I’ll try to get you a spot in the house!”

“That’d be great!”

“Yeah!? Oh how exciting that we will be roommates in University how fun is that.?” Chandler asked.

“Welp, I guess we may find out soon. and keep it quiet until I break the news to mom and dad okay?”

“Of course! I got your back sis.”

“Thank you.”

Chapter 2 coming