~Lot traits great schools, fast internet, and homey added lot challenges are reduce and recycle. All Sim’s in house household got a new party, formal, and updated cold weather look.~

An extension was added onto this kitchen to allow for more dining space and includes a secondary exit. To complete this space it is finally time to upgrade the appliances and change the aesthetic.

It’s a very special day in this household! It’s Jace Aranda’s Birthday! Miranda didn’t have time to actually bake a cake and both hers and her husbands work schedule has been hectic it’s been days since they have actually been together at home at the same time! So Miranda thought that it’s okay to just serve a a store bought cake! At least they got a chance to celebrate this one together at all!

Jace Aranda Aged up to an Adult! There was more than one reason to be celebrating as Jace had also come home that day feeling confident from just achieving Career gains.

The next day for Jace was not so graceful. Jace slept in naturally he was up with his brothers late into the night. Miranda had already left for work. So it was up to Jace to clean up from the night before and find something to eat and feed the children.As he was cleaning and baking some bread sticks the sink broke the new sink! Must have been some party!

Jace decided it was a good day to just stay in his interesting choice of pajamas!

While the triplets worked on their projects Jace practiced his chess skills.

“Daddy?” Julissa asked.

“Yes sweetie?”

“Um, can I please play with you?”

“You want to play Chess? Do you know how?”

“Well I was thinking you could teach me maybe?” Julissa picked up a piece from the board and looked at it closely.

“Heh, that piece you have in your hand, that’s the queen! Sit down my princess of course I want to play with you.”

Julissa’s eyes lit up and she climbed into the chair across from her father Jace. Seeing Julissa’s Glee made Jace smile too and interested to teach and have a new chess partner to play with. To Jace’s surprise Julissa took to learning chess quite well a good student even with the distractions and antics of her brothers roughhousing and joking around.

This ol’ lot has sure seen many of these moments and the scene got Jace reminiscing of when he was that age with his brother’s terrorizing the house.

As it tended to happen on Miranda’s day off Jace was at work and the children were at school. It was then that Miranda got a phone call.

“Hello? Yes this is she…. I’m sorry when is this meant to happen? That’s not a lot of time… Yes I understand of course complete confidentiality… mhm yes I’ll be there!”

Miranda hung up the phone call. It’s finally happened she thought after all this time. Now just the next problem for Miranda is to figure out how to break the news to her family?

Chapter 2 coming!