~Lot traits changed good schools, great soil and Eco lot added Lot Reduce and Reuse. All Sim’s in house household got a new party outfit, formal, and updated cold weather look.~

Melanie had a bit of a fright while preparing Garlic noodles for the family when the stove suddenly started smoking and sparking. As Melanie sat eating her noodles thankful that nothing really serious had happened to her while cooking also thinking it may be time to give the whole kitchen a completely new look. She sat day dreaming of ways she’d like to design her newly renovated kitchen.

Later that evening when Paris came home she presented the idea to him. Not so much as a ways of getting permission this is after all Melanie’s ancestral home and if she wanted a renovation then shes going to get it. Telling him was more of a hey heads up I’m doing this thing it’s going to be inconvenient for awhile may be eating take out for a few days.

Paris was totally cool with that, he’s not a very handy sim so as long as he didn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting and it wasn’t going to take from his gardening then do what you want.”Get the Kitchen of your dreams” he even said at one point in the conversation. They talked for hours about colours and tiles and all the neat things they could do with it for the rest of the night. Once Melanie got it in her mind what she was looking for everything was ordered and ready to be installed. Installation was quick as it isn’t too big a space but still there was much to do and many things were changed for this new look.

Once the renovation was complete Melanie stood for a moment taking it all in proud of the the kitchen makeover knowing she did it justice and was able to add her unique personal flare to her ancestral home that may be like this for the many generations to come. Getting caught up in that memory and she thought of course she had to have all her siblings come over and see it. All this reminiscing got her to dig out that family tree remember family members.

Appreciating having the family tree even if some names were a mystery it’s interesting to take a look back and see where she came from and how the family evolves and grows. Than she realized maybe it had been awhile since having her siblings over that it may be a great time to do so now with a newly renovated kitchen and see how they feel about the changes she made to their ancestral home. She rang up her brother and sister and invited them over straight away for dinner.

“Kitchen looks great Melanie I really like what you’ve done with it!” Ronan Exclaimed.

“Thanks yeah, it seems like Kiana isn’t as impressed.”

“Don’t worry about her, you know it’s been awhile since either of us came home and it can be a shock to see such a drastic change, she’ll come around just try and talk with her about it and fix your relationship.”

“Yeah, it… life does get crazy sometimes really with getting caught up raising children and balancing a career it’s not always easy to stay in touch.” Melanie admitted. “And that’s why I called you now today I wanted to give you and Kiana a key to the house and know that you can come over anytime.”

“Thanks Melanie and yeah I would love to drop in from time to time. Spend more time with these munchkins.” Ronan teased as he gave playful eyes to his nephew and nieces.

After dinner the family moved to the living room and stayed up chatting well into the night. Getting to know more about each other and sharing stories young and old while making new ones.

Even after the children went off to bed Melanie stayed up spending that quality time with her family and was able to repair her relationships with her siblings.

“Kiana, before you leave I just wanted to have a word.”

“Of course.” Kianna said as she followed Melanie into the hall. “What is it?”

“It’s a key to this home. I know we haven’t always got along good over the years but I want you to know you are always welcome here your family too bring them over sometimes if you’d like.”

“Melanie that’s so thoughtful of you really aw, you’re going to make me cry.”

“Don’t so that!”

“Thank you this means a lot.”

“uh it’s nothing really, I mean after all it’s your ancestral home too we grew up here.”

“Yes, this place has many memories.”

“…and more to come.”

Kiana took the key and gave Melanie a hug before leaving. After Melanie cleaned up and went to bed herself it had been a long day and she needed her rest. The Next morning she spent mostly on the PC Hacking away and trolling the forums for fun. She had enough socializing for awhile and there was a few pressing things at work to start working on as well.

All of her hard work must have paid off because boom she got a promotion!

Noodle really likes the new carpet? Or perhaps has another love on the mind as shortly after this moment Noodle decided to run away…

“Gabrielle how do you like this salad the ingredients are fresh from our garden.” Paris asked while also gloating on his supreme gardening skills.

“It’s okay.”

“oh, what’s wrong is it because Noodle ran away?”

“What?” Gabrielle looked up at her father tears welling up in her eyes. “You mean Noodle is gone they ran away?”

“Oh, you didn’t know.” Paris shifted in his seat awkwardly, “I’m sorry, yes Noodle is missing but don’t worry I put out a missing post for her and I’m sure she’ll come home soon.” He reassured her daughter.

“So, Gabrielle, if you weren’t upset just now because of Noodle than what else are you upset about?”

“Just this thing at school… and you and mom are always so busy with no time to help me with my homework and sometimes I just want to be a bear and not a sim and then I could just hibernate and eat berries and honey.”

“Oh, I’m sorry about that but you know mommy’s work is very important and the garden does take up a lot of my time. You know what how about we get everyone doing our homework at the same time tonight. How does that sound?”

“Good, I guess, I mean I know we all do have school projects due.”

“Well then lets get it done.”

“Yes dad.”

“Now eat that salad all up it’s daddies hard work.”

Later that evening they did just that the children all worked on their projects while both Melanie and Paris looked on and encouraged their good behaviours. It wasn’t exactly what Gabrielle meant when she wanted more quality time with her parent but at least everyone was in the same room that night.

The family time wasn’t enough to help those fading relationships as now all the children in the house are going through phases.

The next morning Gabrielle could be heard shrieking throughout the house.

“Daddy daddy come quick it’s Noodle!” She shouted.

Paris heard her cries and came to see what the fuss was all about.

“What’s wrong with her daddy?”

“Yeah looks like she’s sick or something maybe caught a chill? I think we have some wellness treats in the laundry room I’ll go get it you stay here with her.”


Paris took to the stairs and proceeded to the basement and into the laundry room. He found the stash of wellness treats and brought them back upstairs.

When he got back he gave one to Noodle Cristal was now with Noodle. He gave Noodle the vet treat and instructed Gabrielle and Cristal to take good care of Noodle and that she will be feeling better in no time.

A few days later…

“Oh Noodle Hi, come here.” Melanie cooed. Noodles tail gliding back and as she strutted over to get some pets.

Melanie plucked Noodle up in her arms to give her a hug but noticed something, “Noodle girl, what have they been feeding you!? You Thicc girl!” Melanie felt Noodles tummy and gulped. “That’s not just a little winter weight Noodle… Oh girl what have you done…”

Later that evening..

“Uh Paris… come here a moment will you.” Melanie asked patting the couch beside her. Paris did as he was instructed and sat down next to her.

“So you might be interested to know that Noodle is pregnant.” Melanie stated.

“Oh, really?!”

Melanie nodded in respones.

“Well she has been sneaking out that must be what happened and explains her strange behaviour. I thought she was sick we just gave her vet treats to get better I had no idea.”

“Well, now look what we have a pregnant cat so there’s that.”

“How far along is she.”

“I don’t know these things for sure that bely is swollen though I’d say she could any day.”

At that moment Noodle came out from under the couch howling.

“Uh, Mel could that any day be today?”

“Oh plumbob, go get some clean towels and water looks like we are doing this right now.”

Noodle ended up having two kittens that night. Melanie had stayed calm and present while Noodle gave birth to her babies while Paris did everything she instructed wondering how she knew all about how to do this. Melanie later admitted she had only just watched a few simtube episodes when she found out just in case they couldn’t get to the vet in time and it was lucky she did.

“I’ll go get the children let them know what just happened.”

The kids had been in the playroom during the whole thing and when Paris told them the news they rushed to see the babies and help name them.

A happy little surprise and everyone was happy and healthy.

Especially Cristal she is such a cat lover that having two baby kitties to care for just brought her so much joy. Even if they are a lot of work and sharp little fluff balls. Cristal thought they were perfect!

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