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“Take one last look around Jax, I have all new appliances and cabinets coming in this week.” Tiffanie chirped feeling inspired and excited for the the kitchen remodel.

“Are you getting the ones I said liked too? So I guess we aren’t doing any cooking lesson this week than huh?” Jax smiled slyly.

“The cabinets yeah those ones are beautiful and I got them!” Tiffany exclaimed. Jax eyes lit up up and he pumped his fist in with excitement. “And if all goes well I’d like to have your aunt and uncle come over for the weekend it’s important the family is always comfortable being here in the legacy home. In fact I have sent many invitations out to even our distant relatives to take turns coming to the Legacy Estate and bringing their immediate families over, so don’t you worry son there will be many cooking lessons as we make everyone feel welcome and at home here.”

“Yes mother.”

“and we’ll do it with a smile.”

“Naturally…” Jax Flashed his mother his most charming smile.

“There it is!” Tiffany smiled back beaming with pride, “Is your homework done?”

“Yes mom.”

“Perfect I heard you practicing the piano earlier, you are doing really great with it.”

“Heh thanks.”

“..and hows drama have you practiced your lines yet today?” Tiffanie asked

“No, I haven’t yet I got this lame part it doesn’t even matter.”



“It’s still important everyone has a part to play no matter how big or small all vital characters to the story, now go on with you and practice your lines please.”

“Yes mom.” Jax got out of his seat and shuffled out of the kitchen and off to his room to practice his lines.

Tiffany thought maybe she is pushing her children to much but really it is just out of goodness as it’s all she wants and aspires to is to see a successful lineage. Sometimes that meant pushing her children to work hard get high skills participate in volunteer activities and more. Also one day she was going to end up handing off the Estate to someone and she wanted them to be prepared to be a legacy estate holder and part of that is keeping track of the family and it’s ways. It’s going to be an exciting time to have so many visitors and getting to know everyone. Tiffanie began to reminisce about family. Thinking about growing up how the house was always full of guests. Though Tiffanie never actually met Carol Gaines her Great Great Grandmother she heard all about her and her vision for this place. If she could see it now and how much the family has grown and has continued to grow. Tiffanie remembers fondly her grandmother Shelley who was adored by all, Tiffanie aspires to be just like her in many ways hoping she will make the matriarchal women in her family proud.

Doing as he has told Jax went washed up got into his pajamas and stood in front of the mirror in his room. It’s true Jax had not been practicing his lines very often and his younger sister was excelling in drama while he stumbled on his lines laughing it off in class.

It was miserable weather outside freezing temperatures that it made going outside dangerous to be, and in this house one must always be doing something it seems striving for perfection so just being bumming around the house not an options Tiffanie would encourage a task be done.

Since gardening is everything to Casey that means he began bringing in his garden. Sticking a plant in every available place yet still missing being out and talking to all his plant friends.

If anyone ever wanted to find Gabrielle just know she is probably in her favourite room of Oakenstead is the home gym. It’s really the only place in the house that feels truly hers. Gabrielle agreed to live here and raise their kids in their legacy home it’s such a lovely place with great schools as it was Casey’s request even if it can be a busy household at times.

Tiffanie when she’s not running the Legacy House has set up several places around the home where she can escape into her art which has started to fill up walls throughout.

The good thing about a Legacy house is yes there’s maybe a lot of people always around but it’s a huge fully decorated home with so much to do. Marilyn’s favourite room in the home is her Grandfathers old speakeasy lounge in the basement. Corey and Brianna used to entertain guests down here and even as a child remember hearing the adults downstairs laughing and singing along. Marilyn hadn’t been blessed with those musical skills and see’s herself down here telling jokes.

After Drama Marilyn enjoys having Shelly Sommer over. They have best best friends since children and now as teens those bonds have only grown closer much closer.

Marilyn had a key made for her so she could sneak in any time even after parents went to bed. Or at least though the youth had. Neither one had come out queer to their families or friends yet, though no one suspected there was anything more going on with these two, and if they did never said anything about it.

Of course taking the opportunity to steal a “make out” when they could.

“Hey Shells want to stay for a sleep over?”

“Yeah that’d great a sleep over sounds nice. You sure your Mom won’t mind?”

“Meh, she’ll probably not even notice to be honest it’s been kind of crazy here with the kitchen being redone and tomorrow the finishing touches go into it she’ll be getting ready to invite the whole sim universe over soon to see it.”

“Sounds fun..”

“.. so much fun.” Marilyn rolled her eyes, “I guess my mom sent out invitations to all our family members even distant ones we’ve never met inviting them to come here. It might get a little busy here for awhile.”

“Interesting, I like that though.”

“You would?”

“Yeah you know to just have this Legacy that everyone knows about and comes to see and visit like a home away from home vibes.”

“I guess so, I may be next in line to one day be the Legacy Estate Holder like my mom. That’s if I decide I want to.” Marilyn’s eyes shifted down.

“Do you want that?” Shelly asked after letting the moment settle.

Marilyn returned her glance to meet Shelly’s question, “Honestly I don’t know yet. I think about it sometimes staying here and living here all my life being the picture perfect Legacy Host and all that comes with that and…” Marilyn trailed off.

“…annd?” Coaxed Shelly.

“What if I wanted to move to the city you know I was thinking my dream to just be on the town doing stand up. Not stuck here in in willow creek forever with pressures to produce the next legacy.” Marilyn paused for a moment took a deep breath and asked, ” What if I don’t want to have a baby?” Tears began to form in Marilyn’s eyes.

Shelly leaned in and wiped a tear that had escaped, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. In fact it sounds like a beautiful dream to have.”

“Thanks Shells” They hugged before sneaking upstairs quietly to not disturb anyone and messed around Before going to sleep.

“Wow! Tiffanie! It looks great in here. Of course it’s still very pink isn’t it?”

“Thanks, and yeah of course it’s my favourite colour!” Exclaimed Tiffanie. “What you don’t like it?”

“Oh, it’s great! I would have gone a different route..”

“Well Your nephew helped me pick them out so there. What would you have done so differently then?”

“I see it’s very nice state of the art appliance and looks very clean and pretty. I’d add some more greenery if you don’t mind.”

“Oh I love you garden! Yes some of your green touch in here would be perfect!”

“Well it’s not exactly the season but yes thanks, I will, maybe some herbs or something”

“Sounds perfect. Now please help me clean up I am going to start cooking and getting ready for our dinner party.”

“Okay!” And with that Casey was off.

Tiffanie admired the new room around her and got to her feet to start baking and cooking up a storm.

A while later Gabriella came down to the kitchen for breakfast and said. “Tiffanie I love what you’ve done with it.”

“Really!? Your husband thinks it’s too pink.”

“Well look at him I love but that man has no fashion sense.” Gabrielle joked and they both laughed a little.

“Yeah he really doesn’t huh!”

“What are you making it smells amazing.”

“Some Brownies, Bread, and we are having company for dinner.”

“Alright. I’ll see you later then, Gabriella grabbed her protein shake from the fridge and disappeared out of sight.

Once Mariah had spent most of day preparing a feast and realizing she may have gotten carried away but she was just so inspired to keep baking and gourmet cooking in this beautiful new kitchen. Once everything was prepped and ready to go she had a nap a shower and readied for the dinner gathering.

Of course getting the children to help put the finishing touches on dinner and learn their way around the kitchen.

To be safe not knowing what everyone may have had in regards to dietary needs so Tiffanie made a Tofurkey dinner, caprese salad, chips and dip Bread and Brownies.

The actual dinner party went well and Tiffanie was able to make sure her siblings still had keys to come and go when ever they wanted and urging them to bring their families by for visits.

Looking forward to the many dinner parties that will be held here at Oakenstead Legacy Estate

Chapter 2 coming!

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