Willow Creek in the Foundry cove neighbourhood Garden Essence is estimated at 120,000 Simoleans 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms near Good schools, has High speed internet and Child’s play traits.

Current Estate Holder is Jase Aranda a 2nd Generation sim, his wife Miranda Aranda, a first Generation Sim their three children and cat. Listed below oldest to youngest and then pet.

Miranda Aranda

A name like that ended up being a handful Miranda a first generation Adult sim. Aspires to be a Best Selling Author. Miranda’s actual occupation is a Diamond Agent. Character Traits are active, creative cat lover. Or is that just her cover story? Currently no lifestyles or degrees.

Jace Aranda

Jace a Second Generation young adult sim. Multiples absolutely run in the Aranda family and Jace is father to triplets. Aspires to be fabulously wealthy currently working corporate raider as an Investor. Character traits are romantic, creative child of the islands, sedentary lifestyle has a degree in economics.

Zachariah Aranda

The oldest of the three triplets Zach is a Socially Gifted Goofball currently going through a clingy childhood phase.

Carson Aranda

Carson a Self Assured Physically gifted child currently going through a clingy childhood phase as well as his brother.

Julissa Aranda

Julissa taking after her brothers is also going through a clingy phase it’s good they at least have each other and their bonds as triplets are tight. Even is Julissa is a more loner type and a mentally gifted child.


Ceasar the cat a skittish aloof and clever mix breed.

Episode 1 coming!