Riverside Roost is estimated at 200,000 Simeoleans. Lots traits are great soil, homey, and Chef’s kitchen with 6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms located in Courtyard Lane Willow Creek.

Current estate holder is Nadia Gains a 3rd generation Sim. She resides here with her brother in law one of her nephews and one of her nieces and her toddler. Listed below oldest to youngest.

Travis May

Recently Widowed Travis May a 2nd gen elder, currently aspires have a successful lineage. Currently retired but still pitches in light duty at the family Business. Character traits are outgoing, good, foodie. Currently has no lifestyles has Culinary Arts degree.

Nadia Gains

Nadia a 3rd gen sim has always been a bit different. She witnessed her best friend and older sister Crystal die at a young age. She befriended Grim and they have built a solid relationship over the years. Mysteriously whenever death is near Nadia seems to be there too and once again Grim and Nadia are able to be together. She tends to mysteriously stay younger longer than most sims perhaps it’s her relationship to death. The most recent encounter with Grim was when Nadia’s sister and Travis’s wife Kelsi passed. Though Nadia may have gotten more than a youth potion as mysteriously Nadia got pregnant right after the last encounter with Grim. Nadia aspires to be a Freelance Botanist. Currently working as a Flower Fellow Botanist. Character traits are clumsy, vegetarian, that loves the outdoors. No lifestyle has a degree in biology.

Arvin May

Arvin is a teen that is are a creatively gifted, neat, unflirty sim going through a “Distant phase”. Aspiring to be a Master Actor.

Everly May

Everly a teen and Arvin’s younger twin is a gloomy, goofball going through a rebellious stage.

Anastasia Gains

Anastasia and her curious arrival with her weak bloodline to witchery. An independent toddler.

Also included in this Estate is this Retail Lot Bargain Bend. Located in Foundry Cove Willow Creek. A pub style 4 and a half star restaurant that Nadia’s father Geoff Gains Founded. Up until Recently the late Kelsi and her husband Travis May were running the business. After Kelsi’s death Travis was unable to keep up responsibilities and also dreams of retirement he is not opposed to pitching light duty to help his sister in law Nadia learn the ropes of running a restaurant. As Nadia is the next successor of Geoff Gains Business. In the next chapter we may start to see her influence alter the aesthetic of the space.

In the next chapter we may start to see her influence alter the aesthetic of the space.

Episode 1 coming soon!