Brook Bungalow is estimated at 350,000 Simeoleans. Brook Bungalow’s lots traits are child’s play, good schools, and Great soil with 3 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms located in Courtyard Lane Willow Creek. I probably should have taken these shots in the day but than I left it as it is a witches house I kept it to add spooky vibes!

Current estate holder is Braylon Sommer a 3rd generation Sim. He reside here with his husband wife Miley Sommer their two Teenagers and the family dog! Listed Below Oldest to younger than pets.

Braylon Sommer

Braylon Sommer an Adult 3rd gen sim. currently aspires to be a Mansion Baron, Currently working in Management. Character traits are an Outgoing, Materialistic, Dance Machine. Currently has no lifestyles has Communication degrees.

Miley Sommer

Miley Sommer a Witchy Adult 1st gen sim. currently aspires to be Public Enemy, Currently working as a Safe cracker Boss. Character traits are an Evil, Ambitious, Loves the outdoors. She can usually be found in the basement experimenting with her magic crafts. Currently has no lifestyles has a degree in Villiany.

Shelly Sommer

Shelly is a teen with a weak bloodline to witchery they are a creatively gifted neat, gloomy sim. Aspiring to be a Musical Genius.

Clay Sommer

Clay is a teen with a weak bloodline to witchery, he is physically gifted has scouting aptitude is an active outdoor loving Sim. Aspiring to be an Outdoor Enthusiast.


An adventurous, active, independent Boarder Collie.


A friendly, talkative, free spirited Racoon.

Episode 1 coming soon!