Parkshore Estate is estimated at 240,000 Simeoleans. Parkshore lots traits are child’s play, good schools, and Great soil with 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms located in Pendula View Willow Creek.

Current estate holder is Melanie Clevenger a 3rd generation Sim. She reside here with her husband Paris Clevenger their two daughters one son and the family cat! Listed Below Oldest to younger than pets.

Paris Clevenger

Paris Clevenger an Adult 1st gen sim. currently aspires to be a Freelance Botanist, Currently working as a Nature Historian. Character traits are an Evil, Creative, Kleptomaniac. He can usually be found he can usually be found in the garden or being playing one of his instruments. Currently has no lifestyles or degrees.

Melanie Clevenger

Melanie Clevenger an Adult 3rd gen sim. currently aspires to be a Nerd Brain currently working as an Oracle. Character traits are a Neat, Bookworm, Genius. She can usually be found he can usually be found In a book or on her PC likely trolling, hacking or making mischief. No Lifestyle has a degree in Computer Science.

Gabrielle Clevenger

Gabrielle is currently going through “I’m a Bear” phase. She is a Socially and Creatively gifted cat lover.

Cristal Clevenger a physically and creative gifted child and a cat lover.

Rylan Clevenger a creatively gifted hot headed child.

Noodle a mixed breed curious, skittish free spirited cat.

Episode 1 coming soon!