Umbrage Manor Estate is Estimated at $480,000 Simoleons. Lots traits of Homey, Good Schools, and Child’s Play with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms located in Pendula View Willow Creek.

Current Estate Holder is Davion Maxwell third generation. He resides here with his wife Dakota Maxwell and their three teenagers 2 children and family dog. Listed Below From Eldest to Youngest to pets.

Davion Maxwell

Davion Maxwell currently aspires to be a nerd brain. He has reached the top of his Career Computer Engineer as a PC Prodigy. Character traits are Genius Geek and Outgoing. He can usually be found tinkering on something whether it is on his pc or crafting bots in his basement. Currently has no lifestyles carries a Computer Science Degree Is a father of five!

Dakota Maxwell

Oh Dakota, things didn’t work out quite as planned for you or did it? A surprise pregnancy interrupted her Uni days. She met Davion at the Peppers pub In Britechester and things took off from there! When Lily was born she dropped out of Uni to get part time job/ odd & ends jobs and took care of Lily while Davion was still able to pursue his education. Dakotas Aspiration is to be a super parent! She is prepared to Parent and care for the whole Sim Realm! Her Character traits are Dog and outdoor loving bookworm. Must be a pretty Fertile Sim as after lily She wound up having two sets or twins *side note I don’t know what happened this rotation but multiples were trending.. you’ll see..

Lily Maxwell

Lily’s childhood was much different than most she is a sim beyond her time. Maybe that is the advantage of being born at Uni or she just takes after her fathers genius traits that way. Though her character traits are Good and Squeamish. Her Aspiration is to be a nerd Brain. She bonds with her father tinkering on a rocket ship.

Mara Maxwell

Mara is a teen and a creatively gifted outgoing insider. Only slightly older than her sister and best friend forever Jo.

Jo Maxwell

Jo is a Teen and Mara Twin sister a socially gifted outgoing snob. She aspires to be friend of the world. She quickly makes friends with everyone she meets.

Nelson Maxwell

Nelson the older twin to Demario is a mentally gifted Loner. And A student.

Demario Nelson

Demario a creative perfectionist it takes him longer to complete certain things to reach his version of perfection.


Baxter a Beddlington Terrier is a stubborn, independent couch potato.

Episode 1 coming soon!