I have been rehearsing all day! I was invited out to do a show at the Solar Flare! Some big named movie directors, actors and talent scouts are going to be there I cannot plum this up.

fan club pres.jpg

“There Johnny I put up a post on your fan page inviting everyone out! You’re going to be great!”

“Thanks Malena every little bit helps.”

“Oh stop you’re like seriously the funniest man alive!”

“Let’s just hope they think that at The Solar Flare tomorrow.”

“You must be famished I’ll grill up some burgers meet me outside in a few?”

“I’ll be right out.”


The burgers Malena made smelled so good she really is something with the grill but a brownie caught my nose and well chocolate brownie for lunch never hurt no one.


After Lunch Malena went out dancing with the girls and I stayed in doing research updating material and hyping up for my big day tomorrow I can’t believe how nervous I am.

Big day.jpg

“… so the llama falls down dead and the man gets up to leave. The bartender says hey you can’t leave that lyin’ there the man replied, That’s not a lion that’s a Llama!”

great turnout.jpg

We had such a great turnout so many sims came out to see me some familiar faces and some we’d never seen before.Everybody was laughing and having a good time. That’s a good sign right?

television producer

After my skit Masato Maeda approached my he’s a television producer and we got to chatting. I guess he is just small time doing commercials and stuff but I still felt like I made a big impact with him and who knows maybe that is worth somethin’?


That’s when it happened Judith Ward, probably the most famous person ever walked right up to Masato and me. I might have squealed.

“You’re Johnny Zest?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I like what you did there. The world needs more of you, and by world I mean Del Sol Valley. That’s where you should be coming up. Call this number when you get there.” She passed my a card with a name and number scribbled on it before turning to leave.

“Dude do you know who that was?”

“Uh yeah!”

“Oh man, you are going to be famous!”

“I didn’t even see her come in did she even see the show?”

“Who cares you my friend are going to Del Sol Valley!”

“Plum yeah I am!”

“Wow hey don’t forget me when make a break eh.” Masato laughed.

Such a surreal moment. I can’t even believe it happened something did strike me as odd about the whole thing but at the same time I’m going to Del Sol and the biggest celebrity name just gave me the number to her agent. I’d be a fool not to pursue it!

this is happenning.jpg

“Pack your things Malena we are going to Del Sol!”

“I know you would make it baby I am so proud of you!”

“I feel like I’m dreamin'”

“It’s real baby!”

*ding dong*

“Who’s that?” Malena asked.

“Who cares!?”

“Hey no I know yall fools wasn’t just gonna up and leave and not tell a guy.” A familiar voice boomed it was Baako Jang. Only my best friend ever.

“Baako we are going to Del Sol isn’t that great!”

“Yeah man that’s incredible every bodies talking about it man paparazzi caught you talking to Judith Ward what!?”

“Really?” I exclaimed and Malena squealed.

blah blah lah.jpg

“Yeah you livin’ under a rock man? Your name is blowin’ up!”

“That’s amazing baby!” Malena exclaimed.

“Baako you should come with us.”

“Nah man I can’t. Got a whole family goin’ on here what with the twins nah, you kids go on.”

“Seriously Baako you should consider it.”

“I doubt the Mrs would have that but OK. how about you scope it out and tell me what the buzz is.”

“You know what we need, one last big bang in Oasis Springs I’ll make the calls.” Malena whipped out her phone and began dialing wildly.

cell phone.jpg

“I remember when you got this old thing may I?” Asked Baako.

“Go for it.”

Baako began playing a tune we used to sing to all the time back when we were kids. Music really has a special way of making you remember stuff.

party dont stop.jpg

We invited all our friends and though not everyone could make it we still had such a great time.

famous burgers.jpg

Malena cooked up some of her famous burgers and we all had some good food, good laughs surrounded by good friends!

show you something.jpg

The next morning I had been busy I woke up early and well I didn’t have much money but I did the best I could do. “Hey babe come here let me show you something.”

“What is this Johnny?”

“This is our new home, I mean temporarily until we can figure something out but hey what do you think?”


“I never slept in a tent before?”

“Want to test it out?”

“Do I!”

“Come on in.” I opened the door flap and gestured for her to enter she smiled and tucked away inside.

she loved it.jpg

“It’s a lot bigger than I thought it’s be.”

“Heh! That’s what she said.”

“Oh Johnny!”

After that, we packed up our belongings what we could carry and away we went leaving the shit hole of a dessert behind us


It was a long ways for us to travel to Del Sol Valley especially on the limited funds we had. We covered a lot of ground making it all the to San Myshuno. When we arrived it was full of commotion the Geek Fest was in town so of course we joined in on the madness.

ran into friends.jpg

We ran into some friends there too. Summer Holiday was one of them she was pretty grumpy though and needing to vent. I guess her guy just flew the kite is dodging all her attempts of communicating. I told her he probably doesn’t have access to a phone where he is as El Selvadorada literally is in a major crisis. I feel sad for her even being at Geek Fest was triggering her emotions as her best pal Liberty Lee took off in a rocket ship and well Liberty has become somewhat of a brand name for Geek Fest.

jokes aren't welcom here.jpg

I tried to crack some jokes to cheer her up but they weren’t welcome here. Too soon for jokes. I  decided it was best to just let the girls chat.

nearing the end of the night.jpg

As the end of the night drew near and everyone was winding down we had to quickly decide what we were going to do. We certainly couldn’t stay here could we?

sin song.jpg

There was a karaoke bar open and well I’m sure you can guess what we did!

turned it up!.jpg

Yeah we turned it out! We had so many people cheering and singling along! We sang the night away!

closed t down.jpg

We weren’t down just because the bar closed! We busted out in song right in the streets and wouldn’t ya know made some pretty decent tips we keep this up we will have enough to get to Del Sol Valley in no time. Though we still needed to find a place to lay our heads for the night. That and it was starting to rain. I guess the parties over.

myshuno meadows.jpg

We went to Myshuno Meadows centre park. A lot of sims use this place for weddings and parties. It has a community hall and that’s where we decided to take shelter.

warming up by the fire.jpg

We warmed ourselves by the fire and it’s no joke things got a little hot!


When you have love you have everything!

dress up.jpg

Upstairs of the hall were some dressing rooms. We tucked into one to wash up and catch some sleep. Melana rummaged through the dresser to find something dry and clean to wear.

wedding costumes.jpg



“There’s wedding costumes in here we should do it!”


“Yeah want to get married here right now?”



“Alright! Let’s do it!”

“Yay! I’m going to wash up and get ready meet you back here soon my future husband?”

“You bet!”

wedding bells.jpg

The night lit up as Melana came walking down the aisle towards me. My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest. We were actually doing this and it feels so right!

man and wife.jpg

Not your typical wedding but we are not your typical folks either. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

lets make music together.jpg

Melana and me made sweet music that night!

set up tent.jpg

We made our way to our new home after that it’s not much but everyone has to start somewhere and this is our big start. From nothing to something!

honey mooning.jpg

We set up camp at our new home and well, lets just say we all got a happy ending!

Stay Tuned For Chapter 4