I sat at the dining table finishing off my homework I had neglected all weekend. Mother sat at the end of the table with her lunch not speaking she let out a sigh in a huff.

“What is it mother?” I asked finally annoyed.

“It’s nothing.” she obviously lied.

“Yeah okay then don’t tell me.”

“I’m frustrated right now okay nothing to concern yourself with.”

“Well, maybe I can help what’s going on?”

looked up.jpg

She looked up from her sandwich and showed her eyes from behind the brim of her hat. “It’s the boss, he’s dodging my calls.”

“The boss? Wait, I thought you were the boss?”

“Hah! I’m the boss of you now get your homework done.”

“Nice try, now you are the one dodging me. What’s going on?” I pressed.

She gave me a cold hard stare I thought she’d never speak, “Do you know the any of the Villareal’s?”

“Are you serious right now?” Of course I knew a Villareal Luna is only one of the most popular girls in school.

“It was worth a try.” She grumbled.

“I’ll find you a Villareal mother don’t you worry.”

“To build an allegiance with honey don’t go crazy.”

“Yeah yeah yeah.” I closed my book shut and stood from the table flashing my mother a grin before disappearing to my room. I could hear her sigh behind me.

secret project.jpg

“Remember that project we were going to launch a few years back?” Nancy asked.

“Yeah what a nightmare.”

“Well I think it’s time we try to roll it out again.”


“Hear me out. We are in the midst of a political turnover we have a very strong alliance with Victor Feng there’s a good chance he will be elected mayor and with his blessing we will be in business in no time!”

blah blah.jpg

“It’s too soon at this point to start counting llama’s my dear. Have you been following the Esteban Holiday has the peoples vote.”

“Apparently my dear… you have not been following as closely. Esteban is MIA ever since the day the land shifted and Victor just needs a slight push in the right direction to sway the vote.”

“We all know you can be pushy. Let me remind you that have the small matter of occupation in that area. We can’t exactly get permits in the state that it’s in right now.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about that I have a plan.”



“We had an agreement.”

“No one will get hurt. Trust.”

do my thang.jpg

“Trust.” he sighed.

“Well you do what you gotta do on your end maybe a profession change I’m thinking something in blue to make the right connections. You know, schmooze the boss.”

“And you?”

“Will do my thing, we’ll be laughing in no time just you wait!”

hey girl!

“Hey girl!”


“Damn girl have you put on weight?”

“Excuse me?”

“Because that skirt is tight!”

“Is that supposed to be a compliment.”

“Psh what do you think?”

“You’re a jerk Malcolm.”

“You like it, come on fatty I want to show you something.” I turned my back to her and took a few steps before looking over my shoulder back at her and flashing one of my perfect smiles. Of course she followed me.

on top of the world.jpg

I led her down to the spot behind my house.

“Wow! Malcolm this is beautiful!”


“Honestly though, this place is special.”

“Yeah, I know, obviously that’s why I brought you here.” I could see a frown starting to cross her face, “Actually it is special.. to me. I come here when I need to get away from it all you know like just to think.”

“Get away?”

“Yeah you know, like up here.. I feel like, I’m on top of the world yet no one else is in the world but me. I can just be whoever and do whatever I want and no one ever has to know!”

“Aw Malcolm.”

“What? Hey, don’t look at me like that!”

“I just never seen this side of you before. It’s sweet.”

“Yeah well, don’t get used to it.”

chit chat.jpg

“Too bad, I like you like that.”

“Shut up and smile for the selfie.”


“You better send me that Malcolm.”

“Yeah so you can put it on you simstagram account, or is that only for your amateur modelling for fattsimaniacs monthly?”

“.. and there he is.”


“You just ruined the moment.” she rolled her eyes.


“Bye Malcolm, I’m leaving now.”

“Yeah whatever you’ll be back.” I watched her run back up the hill the best view of the evening. She’s gonna look back. If she looks back I’ll know I’ve gotten to her. She ran almost out of sight before stopping and looking back. I saw that and a smile crept over my face that’s a win in my books. She’s hooked!

Nancy's day

The next day after Geoffrey and Malcolm left for work and school Nancy slipped out to visit an old friend. She traveled to The Pinnacles. A gated community in Del Sol Valley. Nancy climbed the stairs and knocked on the door of the most prestigious celebrities known to simkind.

and what.jpg

“.. And what do I owe the pleasure of having you over Nancy?”

“Judy thanks for having me it’s been what how long?”

“It’s Judith now honey and we haven’t spoken in years.”

Nancy smiled and begun the chant, “Alpha Llama Llama, yes I am, Alpha Llama Llama, Sisters to the end!” By the end Judith had joined in.

“Wow that does bring back memories.” Nancy smiled.

“Yes, though some better than others. Now I know you didn’t come here sister to sing recruitment songs.”

“I actually do have something I want to ask you.”

“I knew it. Nancy you are always up to something.. plotting, and scheming, what is it this time?”


“It’s nothing like that.”

Judith raised her eyebrow the parts of her face that actually still moved shifted ever so slightly. “Oh?”

“I can’t help but notice how successful you are these days your claim to fame and all, you must have made a lot of lucrative connections?”

“I’ve put in the work if that’s what you mean.”

“You are also very influential. I bet you could convince people there was something out of nothing.”

“Where are you going with this Nancy?”

“I need someone out of my way, and they have unique talents. Talents I think you might be interested in?”

“Walk with me Nancy.” Judith rose to her feet with grace and elegance and made her way through the stunningly beautiful mansion and out onto the terrace through the gardens.

rise to the top.jpg

Nancy followed her out to a balcony ledge looking out onto Del Sol Valley.

Judith gestured to the landscape below. “You don’t make it to the top by shady business dealings and handouts Nancy. Whatever it is you’re up to just know that I have risen above and will always be on top! We might be sisters Nancy but I am not your partner in crime. You’re a crook and I am not interested.”

you're a crook.jpg

“I don’t think it is very wise of you to threaten me Judith. Just know something, the higher you are, the harder you’ll fall. I wouldn’t underestimate me if I was you. Also, you seem to forget who was there for you when you were in a jam. I was, it was me who helped you when no one else could. The way I see it, you wouldn’t have any of this if it wasn’t for me. Hm, I wonder what your adoring fans would think of you.. should those details ever be leaked?”

“You wouldn’t?” Judith gasped.

nice nose.jpg

“Are you ready to gamble on that?” Nancy paused waiting for a response from Judith. Finally Judith shook her head and glanced away, “I thought you’d see it my way, I’ll send you the details. I hop you have a lovely day Judy.” Nancy turned to leave but stopped a few paces away before looking back, “Oh, and by the way, I love what you’ve done to your nose.” She turned on her heel and made her way out of the mansion grinning the whole way leaving Judith fuming.

meet a villareal

A few days later I made good on my word. I set it up so we ended up working on a school project and was able to convince Luna Villareal over for dinner. This should show mother that I am more than ready to start having a bigger hand in the family business instead of only getting my hands dirty in the garden.

“Thanks for dinner Mrs Landgraab these are delicious.”

“You are welcome Luna. Wow I just can’t get over it.”

“Get over what?” Luna asked.

“How much you look like your mother.”

“You knew my mother?”

“I sure did. You could say we go back.”

“I miss her.”

“Me too she was a remarkable woman. Tell me Luna how is your father doing?”

“Uh, yeah he has his days..”

“What do you mean?” Nancy asked.

“Things just haven’t been the same…” Luna looked down at her burger and her hair swept over her eyes hiding her face.

“What is it dear?”

“Our Butler Pari died. ” Tears welled up in Luna’s eyes, “Max my little brother saw the whole thing and dad tried to save her but there was just so much fire.” her tears turned into sobs.

Nancy reached out to Luna in a futile attempt to comfort her.

“So just hire a new butler?” I said. what’s the big deal the help died wow get over it. apparently that was offensive as both Luna and my mother glared at me. Woman can be so sensitive. “What?”

hire a new one

“Don’t mind my boy Luna he clearly has foot in mouth.”

“Okay.” Luna sniffed wiping away tears.

“Why don’t you speak to your dad arrange to have us over for dinner I think it would be good for him to see a familiar face.”


“Okay? Aw honey, woman to woman I want you to know if you need anything you can always give me a call okay?”

“Okay, thanks Mrs. Landgraab.”

“Please, call me Nancy.” She stood to her feet and gave Luna a hug before clearing the dishes.

“Well I guess I better go.” She said.

“Do let us know about dinner well you?”

“I will.”


Luna had arranged the dinner to be on the Friday night. I still don’t really understand why we have to go mingle with the saddest girl in the world and her cooky dad but I’m not the boss.

dinner party

We ate dinner and we mingled I tried my best to look interested but on the inside I’d rather be doing anything else.

coolest kid.jpg

That’s when I met the coolest kid ever. Usually kids are pretty annoying and dumb but not this guy. I think he’s my favourite out of this whole boring bunch.

old man and the foodie.jpg

The old man’s good for a laugh mostly because he has lost his marbles that guy is nuts! As for Hugo well he cooks a mean meal but unless you want to chat about all the different pastas and their corresponding sauces don’t bother with him.

waste of time.jpg

I thought that night would never end what an absolute waste of time. Mother seems to think it went really well, that she got what she came for. I don’t understand. If that’s The Boss we are in a lot of trouble and not the kind we came looking for.

Stay Tuned For Chapter 4


A/N –  I just had to include this bonus photo because it made me laugh and by absolute luck I captured it!