Just working on my drink mixing! I landed this sweet gig at The Narwhal Arms in Windenburg. It’s not a permanent position I’m just filling in for someone but still work is work! I’d rather be working my own bar somewhere y’know close to home like. One day! I’m hoping to get momma out to party with us she like literally hasn’t been the same since that whole thing with Slim ball Don Lothario ugh even just thinking his name gives me cringes. I saw that he is still on team Raptors but he has been off on injury like the whole time. I guess that’s why they did so well without the dead weight of sleaze pulling them down. I wonder though like what is going on with him is he okay then I’m like ugh why should I even care? It’s kind of nice I have the whole house to myself right now. Momma is out with the Golden Girls a group of ladies her own age and Nina is doing some personal training.

private training sesh.jpg

She found some personal trainer on Simlist and is meeting him at Burners and Builders gym here in Oasis Springs. I didn’t catch his name but if it is who I’m thinking he is well he’s pretty dreamy so she might be awhile.


Nina got offered a gig doing some commercial or something so she wants to slim down for the part. I’m happy for her she had never really found something she liked before so I think acting is a great job for her. I’ve never seen her work so hard for something I love my sister but she can be a bit lazy at times.

blah blah blah

“Oh good! I’m glad I got you both here! I want to tell you something.” I exclaimed.

“What is it dear?” Momma asked.

“So, I got this bartending gig coming up in Windenburg and it would be cool if you both came out y’know to support me and well party obvi!” I exclaimed.


You know I’m there sis just tell me when and where.”

“I don’t know you don’t think I’m a little old for that now?”

“Nonsense momma you look so good for your age!”

“Absolutely you’re coming.” Nina added.

“Okay I guess it’ll be fun to get out.”

“Yeah! Thank you momma it means a lot to me.” I jumped up and gave her a big hug.


The next evening we got all dressed up to turn it up at The Narwhal Arms! So many gorgeous people out tonight! I’m hoping that some of these sims will see my amazing flare skills and book me for their parties! At least until I can have my very own bar!

Like a champ.jpg


I was pouring and flaring like a champ making mad tips!

flirting it up.jpg

I couldn’t help but notice Momma flirting up some gentleman on the dance floor. Yeah you go momma get it girl! The gig was a hug success I’m so happy it worked out so well!

that evening.jpg

We stayed out so late by the time we got back home it was the next morning. Nina got a call first thing It was from the agency.

got the act.jpg

She landed the commercial gig! That’s incredible I’m so glad she got it. If things don’t go Nina’s way well she has a temper if you remember the incident with Don. When she gets like that it’s best to stay our of her way! I’m so glad it didn’t come to that and she got it!

body image.jpg

Body image is really important to me and my career if I look good while mixing yummy cocktails I get better tips so I usually go for a jog in my free time. This time I almost ran straight into this guy.

“Hey! Watch where your going!”

“Uh sorry miss I guess I was distracted though how I didn’t see you coming wow.”

“What’s that supposed to mean.”

“Uh, oh nothing.”



“So are you training for a marathon too?”

“No.. you are?”

“No. I just like to stay fit most people out jogging these days are getting ready for run a marathon day.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that well I guess I participated then huh.”

hot runner

“Yeah heh me too.”

“Well I guess I’ll be seeing ya.”



“I just mean, I’d like that.”

“Yeah well here’s my number names Dina.”

“Dina, Nice to meet you I’m J


“Well, that’s what my friends call me which I hope that’s what you’ll do too.” He quickly entered in my number and texted my a flirty emoji. I tried to hide my smile as I turned to leave.

“Gotta run!”

nina's day.jpg

The next day was Nina’s big day. I have never seen her so excited about anything ever. Oh man I really hope this goes well for her.

nina's day



She made a new friend in her hair and makeup lady Casandra.

hardly recognize her.jpg

It’s crazy the things they can do, you could hardly even recognize her!

quick rehearsal.jpg

I guess she only had a short time to practice her lines before it was showtime!

lights camera action.jpg

Then it was lights, camera, action!

not a doctor.jpg

We all huddled around the TV to watch the commercial when it finally aired and I couldn’t help but laugh at this part. Like, as if Nina knew what any of those doctor terms actually meant, and thank the internet for teaching her how to pronounce them properly.

thats a wrap.jpg

I mean for her first gig she did okay, even if it was a cheesy drug clip for some gimmicky looking product! Everyone has to start somewhere right? At least she got her foot in the door am I right!?

momma had quite the day too.jpg

Momma had quite the day too with the gentleman Jacques she met at The Narwhal Arms the other night.


He took her fishing? I don’t think she’s fished for anything unless it was at the bottom of her purse!

dinner time.jpg

“Hey momma soo… how was your date.” I teased.

“It was nice! We are going out again tonight.”

“Wow twice in one day? Yeah you go girl!” Nina said.

“Thanks girls. He is such a gentleman I have never dated anyone with such class before.”

“Momma you went fishing…” I raised an eyebrow at her like fishing could actually be fun or something.

“Yeah but it was nice.”

chit chat.jpg

“Okay, who are you and what have you done with our mom?” Nina winked at me and I smiled back.

“Okay girls, that’s enough give your ol’ ma a break will ya? Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I still can’t have fun!”

“Seriously though mom, we are like so happy for you.”

“Yeah we only tease with love.” Nina chimed in.

“Thanks girls I am so proud of you. You are both doing so good I couldn’t be happier!”

proper date night.jpg

Mom did go out on her dinner date with that guy and he took her out to a pretty fancy place I do have to say. It’s got its own dress code and everything.

lobster dinner.jpg

He must have bought her a lobster or something because he came home with her that night. I heard them stumble in, kind of late too might I add.

getting ready.jpg

That hot jogger the other day texted me asking me out on a date and I was just getting my groove on when she came down parched looking for a glass of water.

“Must have been a good night eh momma!”

“Oh it was delightful!”

“Had the lobster?”

“Had the cake and ate it too.”

“Excellent!” We exchanged a high five before taking a seat at the bar.

so tell me.jpg

“So tell me about it, what’s he like.”

“Girl! He is loaded!”


“Yeah like filthy rich. I don’t know how rich but well lets just say he doesn’t worry where his next meal is coming from.”


“Yeah I think I’ll be seeing more of him.”

“That’s great!”

“Where you off to you look pretty dressed up to be dancing by yourself in the kitchen?”

“Actually, I met someone too. I don’t know if it’s anything yet we’ll see.”

“Oh well, good luck.”

“Thanks!” At that I turned to leave to meet up with J.

a girl could get used to this.jpg

I mean how could he resist this? Honestly now!

Stay Tuned for Chapter 4