“Oh Alton you are just the cutest little baby boy ever!” I cooed at his smiling face. Blessed that he has been such a well-behaved baby. Olivia is still adjusting to the idea of not being the only child anymore and getting less attention. To be honest I think she was a little spoiled what with having her grand parents doting on her every whim. It’ll be good for her to share the spotlight.

paint me.jpg

I have to admit I am also spoiled having the them around as I still get lots of time to do the things I enjoy such as my art. As Diego Lobo tells his Art class, “Life is Art live yours in colour!” So I shall do just that!

build a pool.jpg

“Hey, so I was thinking…” Eric started.

“Oh no.” I interrupted jokingly.

“Shh, let me finish. Anyway I was thinking wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a pool?”

“Yeah mommy can we can we!”

“I don’t know.. isn’t that kind of expensive?”

“Yeah a little but I mean the Raptors had a great season and with my bonus from work we will surely be able to cover the cost.”

“Yeah! Please mommy!”

can we can we.jpg

“Well, I guess a pool would be fun.” I agreed.

“Sooo that’s a yes?” Eric asked.

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Yes yes yes thanks mom.”

“You won’t regret it love, it’ll be sweet!”

“Okay, but I’m not going to be the one cleaning and maintaining it.”

“Obviously, we will just hire someone to do that.”

“Okay well, I guess it’s decided.”

“Excellent, I’ll arrange to the work done right away.”

“Okay dear just don’t forget this week we have Egg Hunt and the Spring Feast.”

“What!? Egg hunt yeah!” Olivia cheered. Eric and I laughed and exchanged a quick sly wink.


I went to go check on Alton it was feeding time again but Vivian had beat me to it so I returned to my art while Eric started the process to having a pool installed. I feel a little hesitant about having a pool because there’s so much maintenance that goes into those but at the same time it may increase our property value and I like the idea of that. High class living to having a backyard pool. Olivia sure was excited at the idea of a pool.

follow in her momma's footsteps.jpg

I peaked in on her and was proud to see her working on an art project. I love that, Momma’s little Artist Prodigy!

science fair project.jpg

She does so well in school too. It was fun for the whole family to sit around and help her with her solar system project for the Science Fair! She won a first place gold ribbon for such a good job. I mean she did get a lot of help from all of us on it. Even Hazley the cat was interested.

egg hunt day.jpg

This week seems to be flying by I can’t believe it’s already Egg Day! Everyone got the day off work and school and Olivia and Eric started the day off with Egg Day Special cartoons.

vivian grand meal.jpg

Vivian spent the day preparing a grand feast for the occasion! It was so much fun watching Olivia and the Flower Bunny searching for Eggs. We almost found the entire collection I think we only missed out on finding one. Oh well maybe next time.

dinner time.jpg

It’s not very often we get everyone at the table for dinner at the same time this rare occasion was a special one to say the least! Vivian did such a good job on the meal and I know we used a lot of fresh ingredients from Dennis’s garden. Olivia set the table so nicely. It certainly was a wonderful occasion.

piono pratice.jpg

I allowed Olivia to stay up a little later than usual to practice her piano skills. She still needs a lot of practice but my dad bless him listened and cheered her on. Maybe his hearing isn’t so good anymore because she’s got a long way to go.

golden girls.jpg

The next day I made myself scarce. Vivian had over the Golden girls and I just can’t with those old croons. Especially that Katrina Caliente ugh she really gets on my nerves. Felicia Garrison is just strange and the other lady Geeta Rasoya is such a snob she thinks she is better than everyone. I shouldn’t be so judgemental after all it’s nice that Vivian has so many good friends but ugh If I ever get that annoying in my old age just drown me in the pool!

pool location

Speaking of the pool Eric showed me where he was planning on putting it. We have this area with a bunch of overgrown shrubs and we never really use the space so I mean it’s as good as any. Construction starts immediately.

dad sure looks comfortable

Okay, dad sure looks comfortable with Geeta. I guess she’s not too good for him. They do look happy there though.

worry about it.jpg

I do worry about him though he spends far too much time talking to his plants and his kitties. I guess it is a good thing if he is making a friend even if it is with one of those Golden Girls.

blah blah.jpg

“Good morning Viv. I’m glad I caught you I have something to ask you.”

“Sure what is it?”

“That lovely lady you had over the other day, Geeta.”

“Yes what about her?”

“Well, because she’s your friend I just wanted to see if you were okay with maybe if I asked her out.”

“”What!? You, ask Geeta out?” Vivian chuckled.

“Yeah, hey don’t laugh at me.”

don't laugh.jpg

“I’m sorry it’s just the thought of you two together. I mean yeah you could try but she has some pretty high standards and strict traditions I don’t know..”

“Hey, give an old man a break here.”

“Okay, yeah you have my blessing.”

“Thank you Viv.”

“Your welcome, good luck you are going to need it.”

for two please.jpg

“How many will be dining with you sir.”

“Uh a table for two please.”

“Okay. right this way.”

Dennis followed the young lady to his table his heart racing. He was afraid if it beat any faster he might just fall down dead in the diner. Still no sight of his date and with a panic he though maybe Vivian was right and he was being stood up. It was at that moment Geeta walked in and met him at the table.

first date.jpg

“You made it!”

“Yeah sorry I’m late traffic to get here was crazy! Were you waiting long?”

“A wait well worth to be blessed by such beauty.”

“Oh Dennis stop.”


“You look lovely like a spring flower m’lady.”

“Thanks you look pretty fine yourself Dennis.”

“Oh shucks.”

“Well shall we?” Geeta motioned to the menu’s. “I hope you don’t mind I’m secretly working, you know I am a food critic.”

“Oh? So how would you rate the date so far.”

“A little too much cheese but still very tasteful!”

“I’ll take it!”


When the food came the two enjoyed their meals while Geeta took notes on her phone for her review. They enjoyed some light conversation getting to know each other a little better.

“So miss what’s your final thoughts.”

“Hm, you’re just going to have to wait for the final review in my column.” She teased.

“Oh I look forward to hit.”

first kiss.jpg

Dennis boldly ended the date with a first kiss smooch and though it was received well Geeta seemed very surprised by it she rushed off leaving Dennis feeling unsure about his bold move.

love is in the air.jpg

He kept their heated moment on his mind for the rest of the evening and found himself in a very flirtatious mood and it showed in the things that he did!


He slept well that night. Though he had company there was someone else he would rather have been sharing his bed with.

so how did it go.jpg

“So how’d it go?”

“I think it went really well!”


“Yeah! She’s such a lovely lady.”


“We are talking about the same Geeta right?”

“Yes what a delicate flower.”

“Well I’m happy for you Dennis, I wish you two the best.”

“Thanks Viv.”

is it ready

“Is it ready yet mom.”

“It appears so.” I replied. It had been such a long weekend with workers coming and going constructing the pool. I was thankful to see them gone and as I stood there looking down at the pol it did look really nice. They had done such a good job.

“Can I have my friends over for a pool party?”

pool party.jpg

“It’s supposed to rain all weekend sweetie.”

“Awww no fair.” Olivia pouted.

“There is really nothing I can do about the weather my child.”

“I know.”

“If the rain lets up yes you can have your friends over.”

“Yay!! I’m going to pray for sunshine!”


“Okay, now run along and get your homework done.”

“Aw do I have to right now?”

“If you want friends over it has to be done first.”

“Okay mommy.” She sulked away to her room slowly dragging her feet the whole way. I had a feeling this pool was going to be a distraction. I hope it was a good decision.

It rained all day Saturday and most of Sunday. I thought it would never end and then the sun peaked through and the clouds finally parted. I decided to live up to my promise.

mr sun.jpg

I found Olivia in her room working on her art.

“Still want to have that pool party?”


“Well you better call your friends quick before the rain comes back!”

I heard her cheering all the way downstairs and couldn’t help but giggle to myself.

tell everyoone.jpg

“… yeah tell everyone pool party at me place come quick bring your swim suits!”

It wasn’t long until excited children starting showing up I didn’t even realize how many friends Olivia had until today and I wondered if they were here for her or just to swim in the pool. Who am I to judge at least they are having fun.


I took the opportunity to work on my art what nice about living in a glass house no matter where I am in the house I could still watch the kids playing outside. Vivian stayed close by the entire time and even grilled up some hamburgers for everyone.


All those kids sure were hungry after all that swimming. There were so many kids in the house we had Billie Jang, Ariana Carrillo, Lucus Munch, Bruno Chauhan, and Alexander Goth. It would probably be a good idea to get to know their parents a little better too if our kids were going to be friends.

Our first pool party turned out to be quite a success!

Stay Tuned For Chapter 4

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