Oh nothing don’t mind us just sitting here at the Pet Hospital. Not exactly the way I had intended to spend my Sunday morning but alas here we are. Bothe Phantom and Ghost have gotten sick I guess that’s what they get they are always hunting small game and rummaging through the trash. Those two little trouble makers seriously but they have become a part of this family so here we are.

all his shots.jpg

Mom held nothing back she opted for the best treatment money can buy for both those creatures and even got them vaccinated for some weird bat bite. I’m like what the plum there’s no bats in Willow Creek even the vet himself she like okay whatever ma’am you’re nuts but he gave the shots she requested.

spent all day there.jpg

Apparently the Vet technician didn’t know about no Bat vaccination and we had to wait until a more experienced Veterinarian came to assist. By this time we had literally spent all day at the Brindleton Bay Pawspital. I just want to get home I have homework and music study I should be doing. I’d rather be anywhere but here right now with all these sick pets. Finally the other Veterinarian arrived.

nice to meet you.jpg

“Hello, are you Mrs. Goth?”

“Yes and you must be the owner of this fine establishment.”

“Ha ha! No, I do not own here, in fact the owner has mysteriously disappeared I am just standing in. I am certainly qualified to help you with your needs though. My name is Supriya Delgato.”

“Nice to meet you Ms. Delgato.”

“Please, Supriya! I understand you were looking to have your felines treating with a bat bite vaccination?”

“Yes, have you heard of it.”

“I have though it’s very uncommon we don’t have bats around here and certainly not the kind that bite cats.”

“I’m just being proactive, so you can do it?”

“Yes of course, it’ll just by a little while to synthesis the formula like I said it’s very uncommon.”

“I understand that. So you said the owner here went missing that’s a bit odd don’t you think?”

bla bla.jpg

“Yes, and hopefully they come back soon or we might have to shut the doors to the Pawspital.”

“Oh no!”

“Oh yes, I’m afraid. Whoever owned the place took off in a hurry and left with a pile of debt. Neither I or my partner Catarina Lynx could possibly foot that bill.”

“Hm, maybe there’s something I can do to help?”


“Mom?” I whined.

“Sh, Cassandra”

“Are we almost done here?”

“Cassandra!” Bella snapped.


I rolled my eyes and watched as my mother kept chatting up this lady further stalling us from returning home in a timely manner. I texted my friends to tell them we weren’t going to be hanging out today after all, we were going to be here for a while. It took all day but the cats were vaccinated for the ridiculous anti-bat serum and we were on our way home.


I barely had time to finish my homework. I stayed up late just to finish it and skipped practice as it was too late to play. I could hear mom and dad were still awake having a  chat but I was too tired to bother and went right to bed.

late night chat.jpg

“It wasn’t easy but I got the vaccination on the cats today.”

“Good! That will help spread a possible infection.”

“I found out something interesting as well. I guess the Brindleton Bay Pawspital Owner has gone missing and no one knows why who or where.”

“Do you think it’s connected?”

“It could be.”

“Hm.. interesting.”

“Yeah anyway they are near bankrupt and I got to thinking if we had become partner we could possibly monitor any suspicious activity as you know pets are often targeted for certain kinds of attacks.”

“Yes, this is true. That does sound like an idea but hm.”

“Don’t we have property in Brindleton?”

“Ah yes Deadgrass, though we have it open to the public as a museum.”

“Hm well maybe we close it down to the public for now one of us should be in Brindleton monitoring the situation at the Pawspital first hand.”


“Do you really think it’s a good idea we separate at a time like this.”

“We aren’t separating we are dividing and conquering. Take Alexander with you he’ll be safer with you especially if we have the lost boy mingling with our daughter.”

“I don’t like this.”

“Neither do I, I never thought the count would awaken during our lifetime but what’s done is done and if we want to avoid what happened last time it’s necessary that we act fast and be proactive.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“So, we tell the kids tomorrow?”

“The sooner the better.”


“So, does her mean we should wake her.”

“No! I mean, at least not yet and hopefully it will never come to that!”



“Come on Mort let’s go to bed we have a big day tomorrow.”

“Yeah I am not looking forward to it.”

afterschool practice.jpg

The next day after school I made sure to hit the piano straight away. Music is my life, it’s like if I go to long without creating all hope is lost and might as well let the doom and gloom take over. My mom said this morning she had something important to tell us after school today and I’m hoping she just forgets about it so I can keep on doing my thing. I have a new school project to do and I really just want to write this song. This song that’s been echoing in my head, begging to be played. I was just starting to really get into it when I heard her call Alexander and me down for our family chat. Oh joy, what’s it going to be this time some new party to perform for. Ugh.. death is life.

family meeting.jpg

I took a seat next to my brother on the couch across from my parents. My dad shoveling in some leftovers like he hadn’t eaten in days.

“Kids your father and I have something very important to tell you. What we are about to say isn’t going to be easy but you need to know.”

Oh plum, “You guys are splitting up?” I interrupted. “Okay, get on with it then.”

“No dear, no! Your mother and I are very content in our marriage.” He took Bella’s hand and laid a smooch on it my lip curled in disgust.

“Ewwww” Alexander whined.

“Oh stop,” Bella laughed it off. “Seriously though there is something we have been keeping secret from you and well it can’t be put off much longer.”

“Think of it like a history lesson.” Mortimer jumped in. “You know our family has been around for generations and during that time we have lived through some of the most historical moments in time. Things that not even your history teacher will tell you.”

“Ah man we have to do school work and homework and history lesson I’m tired.” protested Alexander. I don’t always agree with my little brother but right now a history lesson sounded dreadful.

“Now we don’t want to scare you or anything but over the next few days and well I guess for the rest of your lives there’s going to be some changes, changes we didn’t think would come about during your lifetime but due to an unfortunate circumstance we have to break your innocence at a much younger age than we anticipated.” Mortimer explained. The more he spoke the more confused I got. I shook my head and gave them a puzzled look.

“What do you know about Vampires?” Mom cut in bluntly.

I couldn’t help but laugh loudly. I think I even snorted, was she serious? “Okay mom we all saw Penny Pizzazz’s Vampire meme.”

Penny mene.jpg

“Who?” Bella asked.

“Penny… isn’t that what you’re talking about?”

“No, we don’t know a Penny. Or a meme but this is very real. What your mother and I are trying to say that a part of our past our family has run into the like of these creatures before.”

“I’m scared!” Alexander cried.

“It’s not real Mort it’s like your ghosts or your bed monster you are just awake dreaming.” I tried to comfort him, “This is not a funny joke you guys. So just cut it out.”

awake dreaming.jpg

“Sadly we are not joking. The Count, the father of Vampires has woken up and with him there are more of his kind and this is very real, very serious that you understand and take precautions. We have an estate in Brindleton Bay where we will be taking a visit too in the bear future. There may be a lot of changes and we want you to be safe.”

“Maybe that’s enough for one day Mortimer. Come Alexander I’ll take you to bed.” Bella got up and took Alexander by the hand and they proceeded up the stairs to his room.

Mortimer took a seat next to me on the couch. “Long ago we made a deal with the count after the war he agreed he would go into a deep slumber and end his reign of terror. We agreed we would spare him and keep his existence secret after all our families are.. connected. Though due to unforeseen circumstances the Count has been woken up prematurely. What’s more alarming is who woke him. A lost boy a term used to describe a new fledgling one that doesn’t have connections to his maker. What’s even more alarming the count neglected to tell us is that not all of his family were defeated in the war and now one of them is building a family of her own by.”

“I’m sorry dad but this is all sounding a bit unbelievable.”

“I know and that’s why I have brought the Lost boy here to meet you.”

“Excuse me what?”

“Cassandra meet Nicholas.”

lost boy.jpg


“Uhhh hi?” Oh my plum this can’t actually be happening this isn’t happening no. “So you’re a Vampire?”

“Yeah in the flesh so to speak.”

“This is sick, I’m done with this prank.”

youre a vampire.jpg

“Not pranking though I wish I was!”

“So dad why did you bring a Vampire in the house?”

“I’m not going to hurt you if that’s what you mean.”

“He has a very special request and I want you to help him.”


“I want to go to school.”

“Wait what?! Dad!?”

“We need you’re help though he is going to stand out at school.”

“I don’t want any part of this.. dad why are we helping him.” I whispered never taking my eye of the supposed vampire.

“Look I know this is a lot to take in my dear but you must know during the last war many sims from both sides many lives were lost it was devastating. We both agree that it’s best to avoid another war of this kind especially now that we have advanced technologies it would most certainly be devastating. If we don’t find something it’s going to cause suspicion and in turn cause a rise of the hunters.”

“So why don’t you just go back to a deep slumber?”


“Yeah well, that’s just it we can’t because of what Lilith did.”

“Who’s Lilith? Dare I ask.”

“She’s a Vampire but she has mated with a human and there’s a baby.”

“What!? You can breed too?”

“No, I mean we’re not supposed to. Look, I’m new to this all too it wasn’t that long ago I was just a normal boy. I didn’t choose to be a vampire and I’m still learning what that means.” Said Nicholas.

“Cassandra there’s a chance the hybrid may be born human. Hybrids don’t take on vampire skills until they come of age. As part of our agreement with the Count if a hybrid is born human than a human family will take custody. If the child is born vampire well we could all be in a lot of trouble.” Mortimer explained.

“My head hurts.” I put my head in my hands and felt a nauseating wave come over me.

“I think that’s enough for today, we will be in touch Nicholas.”

“Thank you sir, it was nice to meet you Cassandra.” Nicolas rose to his feet shook my dad’s hand and made his way to the door.

“Yeah.” I replied flatly never making eye contact.

“I think it goes without saying Cassandra that you must keep this whole thing a secret.”

“Yeah whatever. Can I go now.”

“Yes Goodnight Cassandra.”

“Night.” Hardly good at that. I went straight to bed after that hoping that this nightmare would end when I closed my eyes but it didn’t I couldn’t sleep all night and apparently Alexander couldn’t either. I heard him sneak into my room.

“Cass are you awake?”


“Can I sleep with you I’m scared.”

I sighed a deep sigh and lifted my covers motioning for him to get in. He ran and leaped in the fast as his legs could carry him. It wasn’t the first time Alex had snuck into my room because he was scared. Poor kid. I felt bad for him he is tormented by nightmares claims to see ghosts and that they talk to him too. Mom and dad are usually too busy to soothe him so it has fallen upon me to look out for him. This whole Vampire thing really has triggered the poor kid.

Study buddy.jpg

Later that week after school my boyfriend Wolfgang came over so we could study together. I did need the extra help I had fallen a bit behind over the last few days what with everything that’s been going on”

“Cass is everything ago you seem so gloomy today more than usual.”

“Yeah, fine it’s just my parents… they want me to do something I don’t want to do. I’m so mad at them right now.”

“That sucks. At least you have both your parents though.”

“I guess.”

“Seriously though, mine are so messed up.”

“You never talked about them before what’s up?”

“Well, it’s my mom she’s Ugh.. I think she has adopted a drinking problem. She’s never been the same after my dad.”

“What happened to your dad?”

He took a big sigh in and net my gaze “I was pretty young when it happened. Lucas my younger brother was just a baby he doesn’t even remember him. My dad well he had a lot of mental issues something that happened when he was a child. See my Grandpa fought in this war, I wear his dog tags around my neck to honour him and his service but he died and whatever happened really messed my dad up for life. After Lucas was born he, well.. he killed himself.”

“Oh my watcher! Wolf I’m so sorry!”

“It’s okay, I mean yeah it’s hella sad but there’s no use crying over it. Anyway my mom has been messed up since and now she drinks to soothe her pain and I mean drinks like all the time, well whenever she’s not emotionally eating. My older brother Gunther has got himself a psychology major to try to justify the whole thing out in his mind. Now he’s some advice columnist because I think he knows he couldn’t actually council others as he’s so messed up too.. Lucas is so young he barely knows what happened or really understands how messed up our family is yet. I envy him in a way but the kid doesn’t have good coping skills either he’s taken to being a bear these days, I guess as an escape?”

“Oh Wolf that’s awful, I’m so sorry. I guess both our families are pretty messed up huh.”



“So, sorry something you said.. the war you grandpa served in, do you know much about that?”

“No just that it was devastating. I tried to do more research but it’s like it’s been erased from history.”

“Hm, we have a pretty crazy library in our basement, maybe one day we can see if we can find something there about it.”

“That would be so cool I’d like that.”



“If there was like, another war… or like, maybe it never all the way ended.. what would you do?”

“I would fight, just like my grandpa did!”

I couldn’t help but think about what Wolf said. About his grandpa in the war. Could it be the same war my parents talked about? I want to tell Wolf everything so badly but how would he react he might go nuts what if his family were a family of hunters. Does that mean we fought on different sides. I have so many questions I need more answers.

I guess this is my life now secrets, mystery, and confusion. As if it wasn’t weird in the first place.

Stay Tuned For Chapter 4