Hello and welcome back!

Tonight I will be enjoying a candle light gentle yoga practice. With two toddlers in the home it’s hard to have anything be quiet or gentle so I make sure to take the time to appreciate these moments no matter how far or few between they may be. Another reason this evenings practice is going to be a gentle relaxation is because tomorrow I will be teaching my first yoga class! I have been working hard for this ever since moving to Willow Creek. It’s still a long way to achieving my goal of one day owning my own yoga studio but at least hosting my own yoga class is a stepping stone. Every sim has to start somewhere.

first class.jpg

I mean it’s not much I just used a room at Movers and Shakers. A humble start, I hate to bash it but the place is filthy and things are always breaking. Despite all that I had a wonderful turnout of yogis! I got to meet some new friends Salem Benali a bit of a scholarly fella. Jasminder Bheeda a new mother as well and inspiring artist. Oscar Zamora a Tech Guru living right in my neighbourhood, and Geeta Rosoya a food critic. I am so blessed to have met these amazing folks. I am so please with the turnout I scheduled another class for later in the week. I would rather yoga in the park or anywhere but this grimy gym but I’ll take it and well It’s the dead of winter I wouldn’t want any yogis freezing to death.


family time.jpg

“My Yoga class was so successful today sweetie you should have seen, so I booked one more class for later this week!” I exclaimed.

“That’s wonderful! I am so proud of you!”

“Thanks, it is a lot of work I didn’t realize how out of shape I had become from the pregnancies it’s not easy to bounce back.”

“You’re always beautiful in my eyes love.”

“I love you Eric!”

“Love you too”

one big happy family.jpg

To think when we were building this home we almost didn’t upgrade for the fireplace. Sitting here now on this freezing cold day with my family I’m so glad we did.


It’s been a painfully cold winter so far. Keeping us cooped up in the house for most of it. The children are getting restless. With Winterfest around the corner we have been preparing for the celebration. Part of that meant rearranging a lot of the rooms. When we built this home we didn’t intend on having more than one child, a blessing of a surprise that was so there’s still some work to be done. Eventually they will have their own rooms even if that means Eric has to move his office space and my yoga space has moved to the main room for now. Thankfully Eric has been climbing up the ladder quickly in his business career. We are going to need those simoleans if we hope to achieve our goals.

don't be naughty.jpg

“Cory! What did you do?”

“Momma! I made splash go boom!”

“Yes I can see that! Baby it’s so cold outside and this is a big mess you’ve made!”

“Yeah.. made mess.”

“Who’s going to clean it up.”

“Uhhm… daddy is!”

“No, you are and next time please don’t make such a big mess.”

“Okay mommy.”

Poor thing I know he is just bored. That boy though he keeps me on my toes. I could follow him all day with a mop and my house would still look like it barely survived a natural disaster.

Family room

At the end of the day really all we can do is lead by example and teach these little babes right from wrong. They don’t know any better until they are told. We talked about how being naughty and nice might affect a visit from Father Winter and they are a bit young to understand yet but it was cute to see and hear how their little minds were working. We decided to put the Winterfest tree up in this room but before we moved some of our objects around we wanted to do some skill grinding.

hanging out in the main room.jpg

To be fair we haven’t really used the main room since we moved in but it’s starting to really come together.


Our winter storm still hasn’t let it it’s been blizzarding from days. Eric is off work now on Winterfest break. The kids love when he is home they are so good with each other!

wrap presents.jpg

That gave me some time to wrap presents and decorate the home from Father Winters visit on Winterfest!

come along nicely.jpg

Maybe I got a little carried away?

kids loved it.jpg

To be honest it was hard keeping these little babes away from the gifts until the big day they were so excited!

gift opening

We each took turns opening our Winterfest gifts.

cory's present.jpg

It was the cutest thing watching the little ones opening their gifts those looks of excitement and wonder.

clair's present.jpg

Maybe we spoiled them a bit too much?

eric present


Nah, what’s Winterfest if you’re not a little bit spoiled and feeling special by the end of the day.

grand meal.jpg

After we opened our gifts Eric and Cory waited for Father Winter by the fireplace and Claire and myself prepared the Grand Dinner.

no mess.jpg

It might have been the first time we sat down for dinner and got to eat it without Cory throwing his plate of food on the floor! It’s a Winterfest miracle!

nope there it is.jpg

Nope I spoke too soon there it is. I gave him another plate and say back down to enjoy my dinner.

right on time.jpg

Right on time Father Winter came to visit us bearing more gifts! Now we really are getting spoiled! Some of Father Winters gifts were a bit unusual so I’m thinking I might be re-gifting some of these but we at least got a laugh from them.


A couple of days later was my second yoga class. I was having a hard time getting sims to register their spot maybe it’s the time of year. So in an attempt to get my name out there and help others I advertised the class as a free by donation to the Rebuild Selvedorada Campaign. I just couldn’t help but think of all those people who lost their homes, family, and lives when the land moved. I guess the terrain has changed so much and in that so the lives of so many people.

RSC yoga

Once I got the word out there about the RSC spots started filing up fast! Some familiar faces and some new ones too!


RSC Yoga was a huge success! We raised a lot of simoleans for the cause and I met so many new and wonderful yogis! I have made my booked my class here at Movers and Shakers on a more regular basis at least until I can get my own studio or at least when it gets warmer a yoga in the park. I’m so happy right now life is truly a blessing!


Stay Tuned for Chapter 5