Oh hey!

I was just making up a snack. I’m having friends over today. Might be the last time I see them for a while as we are planning a family trip to Granite Falls! We go there all the time especially around the holidays and stuff it’s kind of like we are visiting our parents but not. I’m really excited I love going to Granite Falls! Though I wanted to hang out with my friends at least once during Winterfest break so I invited some of my best pals over.

friends over

It kind of sucks a lot of my best friends don’t even live in Willow Creek so it’s not always easy for us all to get together like this. Yuki Behr lives with her sister in Windenburg and my boyfriend Hugo Villareal and his sister Luna Villareal also live in Windenburg. Maybe one day I will also move to Windenburg so I can be closer to my friends. I haven’t really made a lot of friends in Willow creek but there’s not too many Sims my age either. It’s mostly young families here.

laundry day.jpg

Grandma Felicia has been doing laundry all day to help get everyone packed and ready to go to Granite Falls.

enzo's strange concotions.jpg

Grandpa Enzo has also been busy making his unusual concoctions. Once he starts going on those they kind of sting up the place so I asked my friends to leave, it is kind of embarrassing to have people over when the place starts stinking like old man grandpa Enzo’s secret herbal recipe to ward off bears or whatever it is this time.

makenna first time.jpg

I had a little chat with Makenna the day before we were meant to head out to Granite falls. She was feeling a little anxious and worried she’s never been out to the woods, camping or to Granite Falls before. It’s kind of natural for me I didn’t realize I took for granted heck we practically lived at Granite falls growing up so I talked to her for a while about it until she was feeling better. I guess everyone is a little anxious about traveling since the land shifted in Selvadorada, but that could happen anywhere even here in Willow Creek! I mean you never know what could happen heck we had someone shoot off to space in a rocket here even who knows what’s going on we don’t even know about! You can’t live life in fear of what might happen that’s not really living if you do.

Home away from home!.jpg

Well here we are our home away from home! Actually this is the first time we rented such a large cabin. Mostly we just stay in the campground but since it’s like the coldest Winter and there’s so many of us we decided it would be best to have a cabin and yes we even brought Sweetie Pie and Shashka!

ring toss.jpg

I showed Makenna around and taught her some of the games we like to play. It was so funny to try to watch her play you could tell it was her first time but she was loving it. She may just fit in with this family perfectly after all. I have been really getting to know her better these last few days at first I was skeptical of her but she’s actually really nice!

boston and makenna.jpg

She makes my cousin Boston happy so I guess in the end that’s what really matters the most and if she can weather out our complicated family and put up with our wild traditions then I’d say she’s a keeper. I hope one day I can bring Hugo out here with us too and see what he thinks. I don’t think he’s ever been camping or visited Granite Falls either. We like practically live here in the summer! Maybe over Summer break I can ask if he can come.

too cozy.jpg

I think I should give these guys some space they are getting a bit too cozy here.

i love cooking.jpg

I’ve been learning lots of new recipes lately and I’ve been excited to try this one out. Usually we eat BBQ or campfire style but well it’s a little mushy by the fire and so I’ll cook indoors this time.

cabin as reception!.jpg

After dinner my phone rang and it surprised me! Usually when we come out here there’s no cell service but I guess if you stay at the cabin’s there’s reception! It was my boyfriend Hugo calling man do I miss him already it’s too bad he didn’t come too that would have made this trip even more amazing! We talked until my phone died and I had to go charge it.


The next morning we went for a hike as usual. This time though I veered off from the group. I wanted to do a little venturing off on my own.

hidden path.jpg

While I was wondering I noticed a set of footsteps in the snow going into a large thicket of bushes. I’ve never seen those bushes before and I thought I had explored every part of these woods. I pushed my way past the thick bushes and followed the footsteps through to the hidden path.

cabin in the woods.jpg

It was a whole part of granite falls I had never even seen before. I wonder if this is where my parents went all those years ago? To my surprise I saw a cabin in the woods. My curiosity got the best of me and I rushed up to the house and knocked on the door.

knoc knock.jpg

I don’t know what I was expecting my parent to answer it or something but no one even was even there. It was getting dark and cold. I tried the door and it was open so I let myself inside. I lit a fire in the fireplace and sat down to warm up. It was then I heard something shuffling in another room and out came this old woman.

“What are you doing in my house! That’s trespassing!”

“Uh oh I’m sorry Ms I was cold and lost and no one answered I didn’t think anyone lived here. Please forgive me.”

“Eh, well someone does live here! You shouldn’t go letting yourself in other people houses it’s rude!”

“I’m sorry I know it was wrong it won’t happen again.”

“You bet it won’t.” she snarled.

“Uhh I better go..”


“Again I’m so sorry.” I made my way to the door feeling embarrassed and tense.



“I can’t let you go out now it’s dangerous at night and you’ll catch death in this cold here I’ll make us some stew.”

old lady's stew.jpg


“Yeah whatever, I don’t get many visitors so just excuse the mess.”

“No not at all I think you have such a lovely home here have you always lived here?”

“My whole life!”

“Don’t you ever get lonely out here by yourself?”

“Lonely! Psh I’d rather be here be myself then in some big city with all the noise and pollution.”

“Yeah, I can understand that it’s beautiful out here. I come up with my family as much as I can.”


“Hey you’ve lived here your whole live right? Well maybe you’ve seen my parents and my Aunt and Uncle. They disappeared somewhere here in Granite falls quite a few years ago and no ones seen or heard from them since.”

“Disappeared eh? Nope I don’t know nothing about disappearing Sims!” She snapped. Something told me she knew more than she was letting on but I didn’t push it any further. Last thing I would want is to upset her and then disappear myself. I watched her closely as she cooked I’d never seen such a recipe before and it was absolutely delicious. I wondered if I could replicate the meal but I didn’t recognize all the ingredients.

after dinner.jpg

After dinner we sat by the fireplace and talked. I wanted to see if I could get more information out of her she must have seen or heard something but she was like a locked vault.

“You mentioned it is dangerous around here at night what did you mean by that?”

“There are many things young girl you do not know and evil lurks where you’d least expect it. Times are changing and you better watch out!”

“I don’t understand.”

“Yeah well one day you will and just hope that day isn’t your last or it’ll get you!”

“What will get me?”

“It’s time for bed now, I expect you to be gone in the morning nothings worse than a guest over staying their welcome!”

“Yes ma’am.”

She huffed at me and went into a room in the back of the cabin. I stayed up all night thinking about the things she talked about. What could make a Sim so grumpy and miserable that they would prefer to live alone in the woods. What evil, what’s going to get me? Times are changing? This sim is mad! Soon as the sun started to rise I made my way home I got a but turned around trying to find my way back to the hidden path but eventually I found it.


I got in trouble for wandering off I really put the fear in my family not coming home like that. Everyone was so worried when they couldn’t find me they put out a search party but somehow no one was able to find the hidden path. I wondered more about when mine and Boston’s parents disappeared and if that’s what happened to them. could that mean there were more hidden trails maybe my parents were still alive somewhere and just lost living in some cabin somewhere. When I talked to Grandma about it she dismissed the idea and told me to get my head out of the clouds there’s no cabin in the woods or they’d have known about it but there was one I saw it!

blah bla blah.jpg

I must have got a lecture from everyone in the family upon my return about wandering off. Even Makenna had something to say. This trip isn’t turning out to be a good one for me. I decided to go to my room and take a bath and an early bed time or something. I could hear from upstairs what sounded like guitar and singing.


At least someone was having fun during this trip it sure wasn’t me. A part of me wanted to go back into the woods and visit my strange friend I didn’t even catch her name. I guess maybe I am a rude girl. Ugh I miss Hugo, I just want to go home.

sweetie pie.jpg

Even sweetie pie is having more fun than me this trip sucks!

At least I got some good pictures selfies with the family! Winterfest break is almost over time to return to Willow Creek and go back to school! Hope you all had a good holiday! See you next time!

Stay Tuned For Chapter 4


A/N – Since I missed last week’s post I made an effort to get two posts done for you this week. I was so sick looking at a screen was out of the question but I’m feeling much better and excited to continue my sim lit adventure!