Am I a bad mom that I let my husbands dog watch over the babies while I find Adult time? It’s not like I leave the house and there’s a monitor. Buddy usually starts barking if someone falls or cries. Like my very own live in nanny. I guess I don’t give Buddy enough credit she’s a very intelligent doggo. I just need a few minutes to myself for a while.

old friend.jpg

So I called up an old friend.

“So Nancy think you can help me out?” I asked.

“I don’t know Eliza you kind of have this Mombie thing going on do you really think you up for it?” She asked looking me up and down.

I glanced down at my outfit realizing my look hasn’t changed in a really long time. My clothes didn’t seem to fit right there was messy hand prints on my pants and cereal stuck to my shirt. She was right I looked like a teenage wannabe mombie. “See that’s what I’m saying I need help. Don’t you have something.”

“Dammit Eliza,” Nancy plucked something from my top, “I’ve been laying low yes.. you know ever since.. but, I do have something in the works.”

“Really!” My voice came out squeakier than I had intended.

“Yes, stop by my new office in Newcrest in a couple of days. We can talk more about it then.” She stood to leave and I followed her towards the door.

“Thank you so much Nancy.”

“Yeah, don’t mention it. Just lose the mombie look okay, try working on your charisma or something.” Nancy waved her hands towards my outfit as she spoke.

I forced out a laugh,”Okay.”

She gave me a look before turning to leave. I’ve known Nancy a long time, though I wouldn’t necessarily say we were bff’s or anything like that. It is a relationship you do want to keep in good standing though. I wonder what she’s got for me?

get a job.jpg

That evening I made sure to be up when Bob got home from work.

“Bob, There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Oh?” his brow furrowed.

“Yeah, I was thinking I wanted to get a part-time job.”

“How? I mean when?”

“Well it would have to be when your home maybe if I get this you won’t have to work so much.”

“Well that would be nice I’m exhausted.” Bob admitted.

“There’s just that I can’t very well go to an interview looking like this. I’ll need some simoleans to help land the position.”

“Eliza it’s really just not in the budget. Can’t you make do?”

“No Bob! Ugh! Look at me! I look like a mombie!”

“What’s a mombie? I think you look fine just maybe wash your hair or something.”

“You’re clueless.”

“You’re making me grumpy Eliza.”

“Good get grumpy. I’m using the simoleans anyway.”


“Bob.” I raised my eyebrows challenging him. He must have recognized my stare of death and gave in to my demands.

“Whatever take my tips there’s no money in the bank.” Bob tossed a small brown envelope.

I caught it and smiled a small victory. A very small victory there wasn’t many simoleans there but it had to do.

new look

So, what do you think of my new look? Hopefully Nancy approves.

dusted off

I dusted off my old Renegades jacket and made my way to meet with Nancy. I hadn’t been to Newcrest before so she greeted me outside of her office

office space

“Wow Nancy, nice place.” I exclaimed.

“Thanks, have a seat let’s get to business shall we.” She took a seat on the other side of the desk and I sat down across from her.


“So what can you do for me.” I asked.

“We are just going to start out small Eliza. I need you to move some product for me.” She pulled out a package from behind the desk and plopped it in front of me.

“What is it?”

“You’ve been out of the game awhile haven’t you. It’s Bane the newest fad and party favour. You’re clientele well be youths and bubble blowers you know party goers.” She explained.

I tucked the product into a bag, “Got it!”

“You sure you can handle it?” She squinted and eyed me down.

“Easy peasy.” What am I saying?! Easy peasy why would I say that? Too much toddler talk for me. “Now, how about an advance?”

“Eliza.. I am already doing you a favour here.” Nancy sighed.

“I know please.”

“Fine, I’ll push some numbers around, but you owe me and you know I always collect.” She started typing madly at her computer.

mad typing.jpg

“Thank you Nancy. I’ve always been good for it I won’t let you down.”

“Yeah we’ll see how you do with this, there that should be enough to get you started.”

A small loan no doubt but at least it was enough to begin reno’s on the house.

fresh baked bread.jpg

When I got back home the house smelled amazing. I found Bob in the kitchen with fresh baked cheese bread.

i got the job.jpg

“Bob! I got the job!” I exclaimed.

“That’s great honey! When do you start?”

“Right away.”

“What are you doing?” Bob asked.

“Sales, direct sales that is so I can basically make my own hours. I’ll need to work on Charisma more but what do you think?” I lied

“That’s great Eliza! I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks Bob. Maybe now we can start renovating the house?”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet, wait at least until the first pay cheque?” he suggested.

I couldn’t tell him what I was really doing or about Nancy’s loan he wouldn’t approve so I just smiled and nodded.


I took Nancy’s advice and began improving skills I may need to help me with my direct sales. I hid the stash I was meant to sell in a decorative box on the book shelf. It at least had a lock and key so it would be safe. Figuring out how I was going to unload it was my next challenge. I hadn’t really shown up to a renegades meet up in a while and figured that was a good place to start. Only I think a young boy has taken over the as leader of the gang and do I really want to influence such a youngster into a life of crime? My morals my have changed ever so slightly since becoming a mom but one thing hasn’t changed and that’s my lust for wealth. Nothing is going to get in the way of that.

bob and the babies.jpg

I’m just not the maternal figure that Bob wants me to be. He is in his glory as a dad happy to work his mediocre chef career and raise babies. Bob, the babies and buddy. That is all his dream and not mine. I’m tired of putting my dreams my lifetime wish on the back burner while Bob gets everything he ever wanted out of this life. Maybe if he did become a celebrity chef we would one day be wealthy but I would still only be living in the shadows of his success. With my greatest accomplishment being what, my crotch goblins? No I want more than that and I’m going to get it!

Stay Tuned for Chapter 5