Okay here goes nothing. Ruban was sitting on the bed putting his socks on when I cam into the room.

“Ruben, there’s something I need to tell you.” I breathed out.

“What is it Carmen?” he asked concerned.

“Please don’t freak out but, I’m pregnant!” I just blurted it out.

there's something I need to tell you

“Pregnant?” He asked surprised!

“I mean.. I only just took a test because I was late so, well.. I have no way of knowing if the baby is yours or..”

“Carmen, this is wonderful! We’re going to have a baby!” He interrupted and exclaimed a huge smile crossed his lips.

“But Ruben what if…”

“Don’t worry about that love, we are a family now.” Ruben insisted.

“Really?” Tears of joy now wet my face.

“Of course!” He stood up and hugged me. “You rest now. I got to go to work we’ll tell the kids tonight?”

“Okay.” I agreed. He kissed me gently and left the room.


I was still feeling anxious about the whole thing. Our lives were changing too quickly. I went into the bathroom, barely recognizing the woman staring back at me through the mirror. Without even thinking I picked up a pair of scissors and started chopping my hair off. It calmed my nerves and I like to think it symbolized me cutting my ex out of my life so I can start a new one fresh. I cut into I started to recognize myself again.


I wanted to have a special dinner to break the news to our children. Ruben had taken it so well but how well my daughter Ariana and Ruben’s son Bruno handle the news. I guess like Ruben said we are a family now and everything well work out. It still feels like yesterday that I was abandoned by my fiance and Ruben had been the one who saved me. I hadn’t yet thought of us as a family like that before but the thought of it warmed my heart. After all our kids seemed to get along so well they were like best friends! Then it occurred to me are brother and sisters usually that friendly with one another? I realized then that this must be so confusing for them. Oh watcher may you grant us with your light during this time of uncertainty.

Ruben's home.jpg

I could hear the children now settling the table for dinner and laughing. They both cheered as Ruben came home. Just in time for dinner.

lets eat.jpg

“Kids there’s something we need to tell you.” Ruben started.

“Yes, I know this may come as a surprise to you but we want you to know there’s a baby on the way.” I continued.

Ariana and Bruno both looked at me in confusion.

“A baby?” Ariana spoke slowly.

“Isn’t that wonderful news the two of you are going to have a new baby brother or sister!” Ruben exclaimed.

Bruno didn’t speak he just kept eating his casserole.

“Is the baby my brother or sister or Bruno’s brother or sister?” Ariana asked.

There it is the question I myself didn’t know how to answer. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I could feel my stomach getting queasy.

ruben talks.jpg

“The baby is both of your baby siblings. We are all a family now.” Ruben said cheerfully.

Bruno finally stopped plowing his casserole into his mouth and looked up at his dad. “So does that mean Ariana is my sister?”

“And that your my dad and moms your mom too?” Ariana added.

My stomach turned and Ruben just smiled and at me and answered, “That’s exactly what that means!”

The kids looked at each other before throwing their hands up in the air cheering, “Yay!

I could sit no longer I rushed from the table and ran to the bathroom where I emptied the contents of my belly into the porcelain throne.

“What’s wrong with mommy?” Ariana asked.


“Well kids your mom is going through some changes. She’s pregnant with your baby brother or sister. For the next little while you may have to help out a little more and just be good to you mother okay.”

“Okay.” Bruno and Ariana said in unison. Okay good you two can do the dishes and then get your homework down I’m going to check in on your mom.

days go by.jpg

There were a lot of difficult conversations that went on over the next few days as the kids asked some tricky questions. I have to say Ruben really shined though. He is such an amazing dad and role model for the kids. He listened to all their questions and answered them with reassurance. His confidence gave me the strength to believe we could do this and everything was going to be okay.

surprised me

He surprised me when he took me to a park one day there he professed his undying love. It was beautiful I felt like I wasn’t all the way there though like I was watching from a far. A visitor in my own body.


It was there he dropped to his knee and asked me to be his bride.

“Oh Ruben, You know I love you and I want to but I am scared my last wedding didn’t go so well.” I was apprehensive everything was just happening so quick!

“Well If you say yes we can be married today I want to do right by you Carmen and our baby.” He insisted.

He has never even considered that the baby might not be his but I was happy that he was the father no matter what. I said yes and we eloped immediately!

swept me off my feet

He quite literally swept me off my feet.

baby alyssa is born

It wasn’t long before baby Alyssa was born a beautiful baby girl. I suggested we get a blood test to be sure. Ruben declined said he didn’t need a blood test to know for sure that was his daughter and he vowed to care for her for all of us until his dying day. He is just too good to be true.

Stay Tuned for Chapter 3