“Doc, what’s wrong with you?”

no not you too

“That should help with your discomfort.”

Poor baby, last few days he hasn’t been acting like himself. It has been troubling me.

sleeping more.jpg

At this point all I can do is make Doc feel more comfortable. That’s been a struggle since little baby Bart Bittlebum is all play all the time! Doc just wants to nap and baby keeps waking him up. Oh what joy the kitten years are!

catch of the day!

I’m hoping to pull up a crowd pleasing favourite for my cute clowder! I haven’t had a fresh fish in a few days due to the terrible storm that recently ran through Brindleton Bay area. The rain has finally stopped and the water appears calm if only for the moment.

There it is!.jpg

This should do the trick! Just what the Doc ordered!

bittlebums birthday!

Bitty baby Bart bo Bittlebum boys birthday today yes it is! Everyone gets a treat!

you can wait a moment.jpg

“You can’t even wait a moment, oh Barty you grew into such a cute little fluff didn’t you!”

Everyone enjoyed the fresh fish for dinner much more pleasing than the usual vitamin pellets.

running wildly.jpg

Speaking of Vitamin Pellets I have been working on something pretty special. I have noticed an increase of fluffs and what’s even more troubling is an increase of sick stray’s. Typically when a cat or dog gets sick a cone of shame for a while is the best unknown medicine. Recently though I have noticed on my strays treatment is ineffective and I’m worried about what is causing this increase in sick animals.

nabbed the nip

I let the cats run wildly into the evening working. When it was too dark to work I quickly nabbed some nip from the garden. I have many varieties of nip to choose from because spice of life and all!

still got some play in him

It tickled my heart when Doc asked for a play!

Someone musthave been into the nuzzle nip.jpg

We came in from playing to find this. Yes that is Mayor Whiskers nuzzling my Josie. The look on Barts face though!

surprise more rain.jpg

The next day we had extreme weather warnings to stay inside. Yesterday really was the calm before the storm. So I guess I’m staying in Jammies jams and research. Oh cute cat meme. Cats or simstagram!

laid back and lazy


the whole gang

The whole gang and me just spent the day cuddling and getting pampered on the couch watching. The Purfect day!

replace last pic


The next morning I woke up to a dryer sunnier day. After hugging all furbabes I called up Supriya and asked her to meet me for a chat at The Salty Paws Saloon after her shift at the Pawspital.

chat with supriya

“Thanks for meeting with me today Supriya!”

“Sure, unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time. What was it you wanted to talk about?” She asked impatiently.

“Well I wanted to talk to you about my recent research. I took the time on my day off and I was reading how several generations ago there was mysterious disappearances and at that same time a lot of small animals including cats and dogs started to get really sick.”

“Okay, I’m sorry Cat I’m not really seeing how this has anything to do with anything.”

“It has everything to do with what’s happening now.” I insisted. “Don’t you see something like this has happened before and if we maybe figure it out maybe we can create a vaccine to protect them.”

“That’s ambitious Cat! However shouldn’t we be thinking about the actual problem at hand. Like how we are going to deal with The Pawspital Problem?”

“I’ve been working on that too.”


“Yeah, we can do a fundraiser to keep the doors open?”

“Actually that’s not a bad idea?”



“Yeah, but there’s still another problem what happened to the actual owner we can’t just go taking it over just because no one was there?”

“Yeah, but, maybe we can.”

“This better not bite me in the ass.”

“Hey Thanks Supriya I can’t do this without you.”

“I know. I paid some of the bills that have been piling up at least to keep the lights on. It’s been so busy.”

“Oh good idea! Thanks Supriya!”

“Look I gotta run if I have any hope of spending time with my kids today.”



“Bye” I waved as she rushed out of the saloon so quickly.

I stayed at the bar Saloon far later than I probably should or care to admit. The good thing is I’m not that far from home and it could be worse I could be that guy!

that guy.jpg

I woke up the next day feeling pretty rough and was thankful I didn’t have to go into the Pawspital. I had a nice bath time and woke up slow and easy.

first sim pet death

That’s until I found Doc. My heart breaks seeing him like this.


We watched as Grim took him. Feeling like Grim took a piece of us all with him.

grim likes cats

..and now we are all familiar with the scent of death. Grim stuck around longer than I expected I think my cats made him feel welcome. I took that time to find a quiet resting place for my kitty.

newcrest cemetary.jpg

I traveled to Newcrest where they recently established a cemetary with Doc in tow. I found a nice quiet corner just past a snail stature. I buried Doc there. Grim so generously had a tombstone made to honour my fallen feline friend.

replace rip


I planted a nip plant beside his grave in case he wants to nipple the spice of life again. Good bye Doc may you rest in peace.

stranger in the cemetary

I hadn’t realized exactly how long I’d been there before a finely dressed gentleman approached me.

“Uh excuse me madam I couldn’t help noticing you’ve been here for a while I am the caretaker here. My name is Mortimer Goth.”

“Uh Hello Mr. Goth. I’m fine I just well I recently lost a loved one excuse my.” I said wiping my tears with the back of my sleeve.

“My Condolences. Please if there’s anything I can do to assist you during this time. Please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome,  sorry I didn’t catch your name.”


“Oh Cat, Catarina Lynx.”

“Nice to meet you Catarina. So is there any funeral arrangements you would like to make for your loved one.”

“Uh no I just had a private service.”

“You’ve already had your service here?” He asked.

“Yes I’m sorry I didn’t know I guess I should have called first.”

“It’s quite alright ma’am.”

“Is it unusual not to have a service?”

“This particular location is new your loved one is only our third sim to join us. Only one of our guests had a service.”

“If you don’t mind why didn’t the other sim have a service?”

“Follow me here.” We walked to the furthermost part of the cemetary from where I laid Doc to rest. “Here lays Michelle Blanton. Her death was very mysterious she died in San Myshuno and no family or friends could be contacted. The details surrounding her death how she died and where she came from are still unknown.


“Wow that’s so sad.” My eyes leaked once again.


“It’s unusually odd because someone recently disappeared from my neighbourhood and no one seems to be able to explain that either.”

“May I ask where you are from?”

“I’m from Brindleton Bay.”

“Oh yes I am quite familiar with that neighborhood.”

“You are?” I was surprised by his response as I had never seen this man before I would remember there is a certain distinction about him an eloquent suave very classy swagger.

“Why yes. Are you familiar with the Deadgrass isle?”

“Yeah.”Well I personally haven’t been there in a while we do have a caretaker there though.”

“Oh well if you ever do come by again I got a place there right on the docks. you should stop in for a visit.”

“Thank you for the invitation.”

“Hey I hope you don’t mind I planted some cat nip next to Docs grave maybe let it grow for him.”


“Yes it’s a herb for cats.”

“Oh for cats? Okay, I’ll be sure to look out for it.”

“Thank you.”



As soon as I had arrived back home I discovered Josie had had her kittens. I introduced myself to the new arrivals and brought them in. Within a few days I should be able to re home them and then I should find a responsible way of dealing with these surprises in the future. I took pictures of the babies and posted them on my socials to see if I could find them some good homes.

snugs and salem

I named the babies Snugg and Salem. I was feeling in a rather creepy cute mood from the days events.

a few days later.jpg

When Snuggs was ready I brought him over to the home of a potential new pet mommy.

tonya lott

I had spent several days getting to know Tonya before deciding she would be a good carer for little Snuggs. I know Snuggs well be happy living here with her. She recently moved to Oasis Springs and plans on teaching at the Newcrest high school when it opens. Like me she doesn’t plan on having children and just wants a little furry friend to snuggle with and well Snuggs just wants to snuggle so perfect pairing if you ask me!

new friend.jpg

We actually became quite good friends and Snuggs had already claimed his bed and looked happy in his new home.

meet my friend

The next day Tonya called me up asking if her and her friend could come by. I guess her friend was interested in Salem and was hoping for a meet and greet. I said yes and it wasn’t long before they arrived at my doorstep.

breanne mori

This is Breanne Mori she will also be a teacher at Newcrest High. Since Tonya spoke so highly of her I trusted that she would make a good pet parent too and invited her in to meet Salem.


Her eyes lit up when she met Salem the two look really cute together. I am glad I was able to find such good homes for these kitties, and I have made some new friends too. Now I better get back to work because this week has been crazy with everything going on and there’s so much to do!