I am a long time Sims player on and off, this may sound wild but for the first time ever I made my Sim Self. I also made my Sim Kitties, and my Sim immediate family!

I love the kitties I was able to almost replicate their natural markings. I could use a little more tweaks to get closer to my appearance. My brother Sim though is wild! Very accurate to his actual appearance. I made us younger than we actually are in the game and I have yet to make my spouse.

This photo is so accurate Except I am usually in the middle.

Meet my mom I might still make adjustments to her appearance as well as mine we are not quite right.

My brother looks so accurate its scary! In real life he is an adult but I made him still a teen in the save.

My dad looks pretty close but I might tweak him too I think I can get closer.

I don’t see myself playing this save too often to be honest because of the personal attachment. So I am not going to make a posting schedule at this time. I have turned off things like aging and experiencing the side effects of weather off.

I have been making some adjustments to the site so heads up things are changing around here. I have added Site pages such as Neighbourhood Rotations where you find links to all the stories from that save file. I will do my best to post a Rotation Story every Saturday! I have also created another Site Page for My Sim Self which may soon replace the about me page.

Thanks for visiting me!