Hello there,

Welcome back, not too much has changed since the last time watcher. I have been in a slump. I have mostly been keeping to myself a lot lately and that’s unusual for me.

Art class.jpg

I have however recently started a side hustle of teaching an Art class at Casbah Gallery. I did get a lot of interest from many aspiring artists. It’s a full group! To name a few of these incredible artists there is Stephanie Hawthorn, Alice Spencer Kim, Ulrike Faust, Jesminder Bheeda, Ray Basu, and Noel Sears. Upon getting to know my peers I learned that sadly for me all the beautiful women were happily married so I was left to check out the men.

Ray Basu.jpg

Ray Basu is a bit older than me but we seemed to get get along just fine. He got to talking right away, I can tell he is enamored by me. Unfortunately he can be somewhat childish which is unbecoming, he is also creative artist and quite frankly a genius.

museum date.jpg

We did go out on a museum date the two of us but unfortunately we didn’t have the greatest date so I doubt I will call him back, at least not right away. To be completely honest I’ve had better conversations with my toilet!


The museum itself was quite lovely with attention to detail and full of rich history. I made sure to give it an appropriate review not raving but not horrible either. It’s not their fault my date was mediocre and boring but that’s how I feel leaving the day. I have to blame some of that on the up and down genius to childish personality of Ray Basu. He is a great artist though so I won’t kick him out of the class. I just don’t see a future for us further than that unfortunately.

nice fella.jpg

I also met a really nice fella at my gym Skye Fitness. His name is Noel Sears.


We have been meeting up frequently to workout and play basketball. I have enjoyed his company at the gym. He is self-assured, creative art lover and is a good looking man. My problem with him is that he is a single dad and I can’t quite figure him out, I am getting mixed signals and I’m not sure if there is a romantic interest there or not. He and his son are new to this area so I invited him to also join my Art group.

mail carrier.jpg

There is one more sim in my life worth mentioning. Another man, only this one is in a uniform! He brings me my bills! This is Darsh Anand he is a self-assured, outgoing art loving sim. I keep running in to him in the hallway and he often stays to chat with me, has texted a few times but at the most inconvenient times. So, that’s been annoying. Very uninspiring.


Lately I have been lacking inspiration. Inspiration in my art, inspiration in my career, in my life story, and my love life. I fear I am stuck in a rut and my story is slow to progressing. I do live in the Art district of San Myshuno surrounded by art so what is wrong with me?


To be a good artist one must be inspired! To be a good teacher one must inspire! So I took my new peers for a group outing to the bluffs hoping to instill inspiration to the class and myself, as well as build a strong sense of community among us.


I think it was good for everyone to get out and leave their homes. Some of these sims have been so bogged down by responsibilities they forget to focus on themselves, the art and the many beautiful things life has to offer. They let stresses of the mind block their appreciation for who and what is around them thinking too much of the past of the future instead of themselves and now. I say this because I am experiencing this myself and that night I learned the sims around me all related.

All fired up.jpg

We shared many stories some laughs, tears and many other emotions came out. The outing did help me to feel better and I can only hope that it was inspiring for my fellow artists as well.

Sadly no flirty emotions came up and I returned to my beautiful penthouse alone, again.

Stay Tuned For Chapter 3