Okay I know you all must have been wondering where I’ve been. I sorta disappeared all weekend and you know what it was awesome! I actually spent some real good quality time with my dad! He has learned a couple songs that I really appreciate so we had fun busting those out! I really don’t want this long weekend to end! Oh well.

08-13-18_8-14-14 PM.jpg

Siobhan had been away on a business trip! She did a lot of shopping on this trip she came home with tons of bags.

08-13-18_10-06-50 PM.jpg

We had fun with mom giving her a look! Siobhan wants to give us all makeovers. I think it would be awesome if we dressed dad up like a rockstar!

08-13-18_10-11-49 PM.jpg

Okay what the hell seriously Build a Bridge again! Oh well if I get it done real fast dad says he’ll give me another singing lesson. Should be easy enough since I did a similar project before!

08-13-18_10-50-03 PM.jpg

Out of nowhere a piece of space debris fell and almost hit my dad isn’t that scary! So cool though!

08-13-18_11-51-32 PM.jpg

I think it’s given me an inspiration as to the kind of music I want to learn to sing! Progressive Space Rock!

08-14-18_12-24-26 AM.jpg

I think I need to have a few more lessons though before this can amount to anything but it sure has been a great time bonding with my dad. I didn’t realize just how toxic that group renegades was for me now that I am no longer messing around with that I have become a better person for it. Well it’s time to go to work yup I’m still a fry cook at the diner I’m saving up for something big!

Rock on!


Stay tuned for Chapter 3