So yeah, sorry about that folks. I don’t really have a reason for my absence, or maybe, I just have so many that I couldn’t possible sum it up. I don’t know, anyway it happened and now I’ve come back to say this!

I haven’t played in awhile and was just about to find where I left off and I have some stories not shared yet. Going back and looking at it, so many things going on like what is even happening! It’s moments like this that I am happy writing this Sim Life because in the past after coming back to a game and forgetting what you where doing where and with who? As a rotation player this happens to me a lot after these gaming breaks! I want to get the already played stories sorted up before I get back into the game so, we’ll see how that goes!I am excited to catch up with some of you and see how your stories progressed I’m so far behind!

In the meantime do you have a favourite Sim, or household? Which story speaks to you the most? Is there anyone you’d like to see more of? Tell me your’s and I’ll tell you mine!

Happy Simming!