Free Spirits

Hello everyone! I’m back! Didn’t know I was going and I’m sorry if I was unavailable or you missed me! It all happened so quick! Seriously Ulrike and I were just sitting there listening to the radio one day and out of nowhere!

08-09-18_5-22-50 PM.jpg

Jamming Sims 109 announced a free vacation giveaway if we could guess that song!

08-09-18_5-23-40 PM.jpg

Ulrike got it and I’ll tell ya something I didn’t know that girl can sing because she belted out the lyrics like a goddess!

08-09-18_5-23-42 PM.jpg

Obviously we won!

08-09-18_5-24-25 PM.jpg

To our surprise the vacation was for that Monday so we we packed up our cats and away we went!

08-09-18_5-26-05 PM.jpg

We went to Jungle and I’m telling you this place is full of mystery! It was hard at first to communicate with the locals we weren’t exactly prepared for this adventure. That’s what I love about Ulrike she has this dangerous wild streak! So full of mystery I just can’t figure out.

08-09-18_5-29-25 PM.jpg

Okay to be completely honest I was scared at times. I thought we would just stay close to the resort and brunch ocean side play in the pool which we did but Ulrike whipped out a machete she traded for in the market and begun exploring the jungle!

08-09-18_5-39-13 PM.jpg

Words just can’t describe this place! I learned I am not as fit as I may like because climbing through the jungle was hard work but when we did make it to the bridge and just beyond it was amazing!

08-09-18_5-41-27 PM.jpg

We shared a very special moment up above the world underneath a waterfall! It was truly magical! I won’t get into graphics that’s not my style but you get it.

08-09-18_5-43-25 PM.jpg

Our accommodation was superb in Selvadorada! We stayed at the Jungle Bungalo, so romantic!

08-09-18_5-57-35 PM.jpg

No one said anything about Piccalo being there either he stayed fairly close though he doesn’t wander far poor thing is so skittish. He was very anxious about the trip and so we stayed close for much of the rest of the vacation.

08-13-18_6-08-37 PM

I learned a new skill. We found some peculiar things on our adventure into the jungle so I have been doing some archeology research.

08-13-18_6-11-57 PM.jpg

Ulrike visted the Alam Museum I was too tired to go.

08-13-18_6-17-26 PM.jpg

She brought me back a painting that she whipped up though so I got a glimpse of it.

08-13-18_6-22-33 PM.jpg

Still trying to decide where to display it, you’ll have to come over and see it sometime!

I missed you all can’t wait to hear what you all have been up to!

Bye for now!