So like yeah, I have been planning a birthday party for my momma! She is not entirely thrilled about ageing up and doesn’t know I am planning this party. I have been practicing my drink making and baking skills for this. I have contacted anyone who is anyone to be at this party! It’s in a couple of days so shh don’t say anything she has like no idea!

06-23-18_7-12-54 PM

I haven’t even told her Bae Don because I don’t actually know how good he is with secrets or anything like that.

06-23-18_6-50-11 PM.jpg

I guess he took Momma out on a date so I have the house to myself to plan things out. I still have to learn how to make a chocolate cake her favourite!

06-23-18_6-49-48 PM.jpg

Apparently Momma’s date with Don didn’t go so well she told us later it was like talking to a wall he was just somewhere else. What’s wrong with him?

06-23-18_6-50-25 PM.jpg

At least it got her out of the house for a while though so Nina and me could plan the party!

06-23-18_7-56-33 PM

There’s something up with that Don Lothario dude. I caught him taking calls on his phone in the bathroom like who does that. He is hiding something for real.

06-23-18_7-05-42 PM.jpg

So here goes my very first attempt at baking a cake. Something about baking in the middle of the night though! I think I should try this more often I just was so inspired!

06-23-18_8-15-42 PM.jpg

Into the oven it goes! Like oh my watcher momma is going to be so surprised when she blows out her candles!

06-23-18_8-16-25 PM.jpg

Perfection! It smells like heaven in here. Oh gross what is that smell? “Don is that you what the heck happened it’s nearly dawn what are you doing coming home at this time of the day looking like you danced with the grim reaper?”

06-23-18_8-16-51 PM.jpg

He didn’t say anything to me just grumbled and went to his room like what’s up with that? I shouted through the door to him that tomorrow was momma’s birthday and he better clean up his act like literally!

06-23-18_8-25-16 PM

I had a nap before waking up early to make breakfast and finish getting ready for the party. I was calling friends over when Don stepped into the kitchen. He seemed dazed like he didn’t know where he was. Must have been a bad trip whatever it was.

06-23-18_8-33-11 PM.jpg

Momma came down right at that moment broke the spell and planted a big smooch on him. I cringed she wouldn’t have been doing that if she seen the way he came home last night.

06-23-18_8-35-32 PM.jpg

Soon after party guests started to arrive Momma was so surprised to see so many friends over to help her celebrate. She had that look of excitement, it makes all the work I put into this so worth it.

06-23-18_8-39-24 PM.jpg

Before long, it was time to blow out the candles! We cheered and hollered the whole neighbourhood probably heard us!

06-23-18_8-40-44 PM.jpg

What am I saying the whole neighbourhood did hear because they were all here!

06-23-18_8-44-18 PM.jpg

The next morning was rough for many reasons. One of them being the huge mess we left, the many drinks I made for everyone but something else was going on.

“Momma what’s wrong?” I finally asked over breakfast.

“It’s Don.” She grumbled

“What did he do to you?” Nina asked.

06-23-18_9-19-41 PM.jpg

“He’s a plum! A dirty plum!” Katrina slammed her fist down on the table.

06-23-18_9-09-09 PM.jpg

“I invited him up to my room after the party and he broke my heart! He dumped me on my birthday!”

06-23-18_9-10-22 PM.jpg

“He called it off we are no longer an item. Why!?” She shouted. “It’s because I’m old now isn’t it?”

“Oh momma I’m so sorry!” I got up and hugged her and she sobbed.

06-23-18_9-10-12 PM.jpg

“Where is he!?” Nina stomped to his room slammed the door open.

06-23-18_9-23-16 PM.jpg

“Wake up!” She yelled.

My sister Nina is a bit of a hothead and one thing you never do around a hot head is mess with their family!

06-23-18_9-24-11 PM.jpg

“How dare you do that to my mom! Who do you think you are.” She shouted at him stern wagging her finger in his face.

“Nina it’s not what you think,  there’s va…”

06-23-18_9-27-22 PM.jpg

“I don’t want to hear it Don pack your things and get out of here! NOW!” She interrupted and then continued to yell at him until he left. All the while I tried to console momma who by now was in hysterics over the whole thing. What a mess!

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