I am enjoying my free time to finish up my painting.

Olivia is such a lucky girl. Her grandparents always dotting on her and eager to spend time with her. She doesn’t realize how lucky she is I hope she isn’t getting too spoiled.

07-21-18_10-20-53 PM.jpg

It’s been a very cold winter this year. I will go on record to saying it’s the coldest winter I have ever remembered happening in my entire sim life.

07-21-18_10-30-06 PM.jpg

We had some family fun building snowpals though. Nearly froze to death so inside we went for some of Vivian’s cooking.

07-21-18_10-43-37 PM.jpg

Vivian went to the book store and bought a bunch of new children’s books soon I think Olivia may know them all by heart.

07-22-18_7-33-20 PM

I guess once you’ve reached the golden age you become a pretty good story teller.


07-22-18_7-33-37 PM.jpg

Even Hazley seems to enjoy being read to.

07-22-18_7-33-42 PM

Maybe a little too much.

07-21-18_9-49-14 PM.jpg

I have some pretty big news to share myself. I plan on telling the rest of the family tomorrow as I really can’t keep it to myself much longer.


07-22-18_7-44-02 PM.jpg

My husband is thrilled of the news more so than I expected. He is so excited it’s adorable!

07-22-18_7-46-11 PM.jpg

Vivian broke out into tears of joy at the news!

07-22-18_7-47-03 PM.jpg

Olive, I don’t think she understands completely. My father on the other hand well apparently he knew already he could tell a mile away.

07-22-18_9-06-14 PM.jpg

Well that happened fast time to go.

07-22-18_9-07-51 PM.jpg

Eric left the game early to be with me he is such an amazing man! As soon as he saw me in front of the hospital he ran over and planted one on. It’s such a turn on to see him so thrilled for this!

07-22-18_9-09-24 PM.jpg

He came into the delivery room with me and panicked and cheered and carried on the whole time.

07-22-18_9-11-25 PM.jpg

Everyone I want you to meet Alton the newest member of the Spencer-Kim-Lewis family!


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