“Cassandra! There’s a young man at the door to see you!”

“Thanks mom.”

06-20-18_9-05-51 PM.jpg

The boy, his name is Wolfgang he’s just a boy I know from school. No big deal or anything. I know my mother is going to give me a hard time about this later too I very rarely have visitors of my own over. My mom on the other hand well let’s just say she gives the party life, or lives for the party however that saying is supposed to go.

06-20-18_9-06-27 PM

“Wolfgang I thought we planned to meet at the library?”

“We did but I thought since you’re on my way anyway might as well pick you up? Are you ready to go?”

06-20-18_9-06-43 PM

“Heh yeah just let me grab my bag.”

“I’ll wait here?”

“It’s probably better my mother is having her friends over to celebrate that she is about to age up to Adult it’ll be a week long thing and unless you want to be poked pinched and prodded by all her cooky friends it’s best you wait outside.”

“Yeah I’m cool with that!”

I quickly grabbed my bags how embarrassing and how did he even find out where I live? I guess my home is kind of famous thanks to Bella my Mother but seriously!? I dodged all the guests grabbed my bags and slipped out. We traveled to Willow Creek Library to work on a group assignment from school.

06-21-18_12-01-07 AM.jpg

We spent most of the evening doing research for the actual project neither one of us really know what we doing. There is something dark and mysterious about Wolfgang it’s weird. Not too weird though but just enough weird for me.

06-21-18_12-02-48 AM.jpg

We didn’t really get a lot of work done but at least we had a better idea about what we were going to do and got to learn a bit more about each other too. The project is not due until next week so we should have plenty of time to figure things out.

06-20-18_9-59-02 PM.jpg

Later that evening I sat down with my brother Alexander and we did our school projects together.

06-20-18_10-11-45 PM.jpg

Look at those two they don’t even have to worry about school or projects or boys they can just nap all day. I guess they did deal with mother’s party She aged up well into adulthood. Maybe she will settle down and cool it with her partying? Yeah I am not that hopeful. Alexander has been having nightmares almost every night now. He has also claimed to have seen ghosts too. I haven’t seen anything I think he is just attention seeking. With Mother working all the time and partying when she’s not. Father is either working or busy writing. I think he is just not getting enough attention. Come to think of it I haven’t really seen him make friends either. Maybe I should do something nice for him? But what?

06-20-18_10-06-29 PM

Well time for Piano practice. I’m still learning this instrument so you might want to leave for this one until I get a little better. You were warned!


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