So far I am loving being a parent! Clair and Cory sure have me busy though. Twins are a lot of work. Just when you get one asleep the other is crying and they wake the other up. These two have my heart. I couldn’t help but notice how many other mothers have been having twins lately. Must be something in the water. At least I have a good foundation of other mothers to turn to and we help each other out. I try my best not to call them because I know they are all struggling to keep little sims of their own alive.

06-16-18_9-43-43 PM

Eric has been clocking in overtime. We need it. I kind of miss spending time with him when he comes home I am usually too exhausted to hang out and we haven’t gone on a date in forever.

06-16-18_11-13-24 PM

Claire and Cory aged up on their own in the middle of the night! They are so cute together! I am glad they have each other to play with.

06-16-18_11-36-06 PM

I do still try to sneak in a yoga practice but I am tired all the time and find myself sleeping on the yoga mat. When the twins get a little older I am going to start teaching a yoga class! I have it all planned out. I can’t afford a yoga studio or anything like that I was thinking more of yoga in the park. More of a seasonal activity but it’s a step towards my dream.

06-16-18_10-41-59 PM

The twins don’t mean to but they were always pulling on my hair so I chopped it off. Maybe when they are older I will grow it back out. Dinner time is such a fun time Cory is always making the biggest mess and plays with his food a lot. I don’t know if anything is even getting in! At least we can all be together during dinner time.

06-16-18_11-56-37 PM

Now that the twins are toddlers I am thinking of planning a toddler play date. I am missing my friends and it will be a good way for all our babies to meet each other.


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