So life has been crazy. Babies are expensive and we are pretty much broke. I spend all my time with Robert, Betty, and Beth. I still am missing an adult conversation. Bob has been picking up extra shifts at the restaurant and is like a zombie most days when he comes home from work. Not that I’m usually away at that time anyway.

06-17-18_11-36-58 PM

He is spending a lot of his time with the other lady of his life… Buddy.

06-17-18_11-45-53 PM

When we do get to spend time together it’s during dinner time and we are eating while watching the cooking channel. I yearn for something more from this life!

06-18-18_12-20-12 AM

I’ve taken to hiring a nanny just so someone else can take care of the babies while I do.. anything else. Shh don’t tell Bob. I know we can’t really afford it but raising two babies and a toddler is hard!

06-18-18_12-28-42 AM

Buddy also makes a good nanny. She spends a lot of her time in the nursery whenever Bob isn’t around to give her attention.

06-18-18_1-29-36 AM

Beth and Betty’s birthday happened and now lucky me have three toddlers running around!

06-18-18_10-45-24 PM

At least the three of them can entertain themselves.

06-18-18_11-04-58 PM

We are started renovations on the house soon to make bedrooms for all these little ones. We are going up. So that has peaked my interest. I can start designing and decorating and spending simoleans which I love! So that’s exciting! I guess we kind of need simoleans to spend some simoleans.. oh the struggle.


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