Hello I’m Carmen Carrilo. This was not my finest moment running down the street in my wedding gown frantically looking for my daughter. I had been left at the altar and I had hit an all time low in my life. I was absolutely devastated. That’s when I literally ran into Ruban Chauhan. I think he was coming home from work and I thought it was strange to see someone eating and walking down the street but there he was. He helped me find my daughter Arianna Carillo who coincidentally was playing with his son Bruno. I didn’t have anywhere to live we were literally homeless and Ruban welcomed us to stay with him at his house Riverside Roost in Willow Creek.

06-16-18_4-03-38 PM

Our children seemed to get along and he seemed like an okay sim. He has been a single dad basically all Bruno’s life, poor kid he never knew his mom she died when he was a baby which is terribly sad.

06-16-18_4-19-44 PM

Ruban doesn’t talk about her much I think it is just too sad for him. He hasn’t dated any other sim since.

06-16-18_4-55-21 PM

He does own his own business The Burger Bar. He is such a good cook. He is there all day while Bruno is at school coming home in the evening to take care of him. Occasionally he does have to hire a nanny and work the late shift, like that night we met.. he was coming home late and just grabbed some take away for the walk home. I am so glad he was there.

06-16-18_5-06-05 PM

The business is very successful, everyone goes there and he does really well with it. He said he could get me a job there too if I wanted.

06-16-18_6-26-21 PM

I might just take him up on that offer so I am not surfing his couch for the rest of my life. My heart aches for my loss but at the same time, I have a hope in life I never knew thanks to Ruban. There really are good sims out there. Unfortunately sometimes bad things happen to good sims but perhaps there it is the watchers way of telling us we deserve more to this life, this sim life.


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