Previously Partihaus


Welcome to our new home the Streamlet Single in Willow Creek. I’m Eva Capricciosa and I live here with my best friend Jade Rosa and my newborn baby Jayla Capricciosa. We moved here from Partihaus in Windenburg after some unfortunate events. I’m still pretty upset about all that but I’m holding it together for my beautiful baby girl.

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Don’t mind the crates we haven’t really had the time yet to unpack and set up. It’s been kind of crazy the last little while with a newborn and the move and everything. It’s got us all feeling very tense. Of course we had to move in the dead of winter on the coldest day. This old house doesn’t have central cooling or heating either so we are always having to be all bundled up.

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“Thanks for making breakfast Eva.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I managed to at least find some dishes and the dinning table. We moved so quickly everything is kind of just everywhere.”

“I know, I’m sorry again to put you through all this.”

“Eva don’t, we will be okay here.”

*Knock knock*

“Uh who would possibly be knocking at this time of night?”

“I don’t know let’s go check together.”

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“Hello there I am Lilith.”

“Hi Lilith it’s kind of late for visitors.” Jade stammered.

“So it is.” Lilith hissed.

“Is there anything we can do for you?” I asked.

“I couldn’t help but notice the two of you moving here in the middle of the night. Not a man in sight. Is the Mr. of the house here?”

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“No Lilith there is no man here.”

“Well that’s odd I swear I saw a baby carriage.”

“Look The father is not in the picture what does it matter is there something we can help you with?”

“I think you have helped me enough.” It was then that Lilith disappeared into the night.

“Well that was creepy huh Jade.”

“I think she was a Vampire!”



“Well hopefully she finds Marcus and eats him for breakfast.”

“Don’t say things like that Eva she just might. He might be a bad dude but Vampirism?”

“I know I’m sorry but plum he really gets me angry.”

“I know. Me too.”


Before going to bed we read a little bit on vampires but didn’t really learn anything worth while.

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I went in to check on baby Jayla. She is such a good quiet baby.

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The next morning Paolo dropped by.

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“I’m so glad your here! You can help us set up!”

“I’d be happy to Jade! I also came to see baby.”

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“Baby Jayla is sleeping right now. We can visit her later. I see Marcus isn’t with you. Has he burned anyone else lately?”

“No Eva, just himself as usual. How are you settling in here?”

“Okay I guess it’s nothing like Windenburg I kinda miss that. It’s been too cold to explore the neighbourhood.” I replied

“It is freezing in here that’s for sure!”

“We know.” Jade exclaimed.

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As Jade ran off to work a welcoming committee was coming over. I have to give it to them even on this blizzard of a cold day the neighbourhood still went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

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I met Serenity and her boyfriend Oscar they just live at the end of the block. I met Darion who just lives right next door he is a police officer so that makes me feel safer. I also met Travis he lives across the street from Darion. Bit of a bummer to find out all the gentlemen that came to visit are either engaged married or live in boyfriends. I guess Jade did say it was a family friendly neighbourhood.

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When Jayla finally woke up Paolo went to visit her.

07-24-18_2-17-09 PM

“All set up here now Jade you can finally fill out your reports you been talking about.”

“Thanks Paolo. You have been such a wonderful help you really are a great friend.”

“Hey don’t mention it. I should be going though pretty soon is there anything else you need.”

“No thanks just make sure you don’t wait too long to come visit us again eh.”

“Of course.

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It nearly took us all week just to get all unpacked and set up everything. We wouldn’t have been able to get it all done without Paolo’s help though. Why didn’t I notice him and not Marcus what was I thinking! Paolo is such a good sim he will make someone a happy wife one day.

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The next morning wasn’t our best. Neither one of us got much sleep we were tired hungry and cold. It was the coldest day so far. I wish we could afford a heating system or even a fireplace. The move really took it out of us and we have to be very careful about what we spend bills came and thankfully it wasn’t that expensive.

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Marcus has still made no attempt at contacting us or being a part of his daughter’s life and it is her birthday today she is about to age up. He is missing out on all of it.

07-24-18_3-58-15 PM.jpg

Missing her first birthday.

07-24-18_3-58-30 PM.jpg

Her first steps.

07-24-18_4-12-36 PM.jpg

Her first words.

07-24-18_4-31-22 PM.jpg

She has grown up to be a silly toddler so full of life and laughter. What a little cutie she is she has changed all of our lives.

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