Welcome to my home The Chateau Frise in Brindleton Bay. My Name is Supriya Delgato. This is my big mutt Blue. Not actually a Mutt but a Shar Pei. She is not feeling so good right now.

07-19-18_4-21-38 PM.jpg

I have been teaching myself the veterinary skill in my free time. I don’t get a lot of free time lately so my dream career of being a vet has taken a bit of a back burner for now.

07-19-18_4-24-14 PM.jpg

I know enough to get by and keep my four-legged friends in good health.

07-19-18_4-25-11 PM.jpg

Meet Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Sr. My persian kitty. He is also not feeling so good.

07-19-18_4-28-54 PM.jpg

I guess I should introduce you to the rest of my family,

07-19-18_7-38-38 PM.jpg

That young sim there, that’s my son Pierce Delgato.

07-19-18_4-36-03 PM.jpg

My loving husband Justin Delgato and my baby girl Evie Delgato.

07-19-18_4-39-32 PM.jpg

Justin is such a good father. He works so hard to support us. He has on many occasions offered to be a stay at home day to allow me to pursue my dream of being a vet but I keep saying no. The Brindleton Bay Pawspital is for sale and I do want to buy it but we just can’t afford it right now.

07-19-18_5-09-06 PM.jpg

So for now I am just building my skills and maybe one day I will be a Vet but it’s just not realistic at this time.

07-19-18_5-27-27 PM.jpg

That and I have so many little ones that need me at home. How can I leave them?


Stay Tuned for Chapter 2