Hi! Welcome come in! This is my house Catscratch Cottage in Brindleton Bay. I love my house here at Wiskerton’s Wharf because this is where all the cool cats come! Oh hah I forgot to introduce myself. My Name is Catarina Lynx and I love cats!

07-19-18_10-15-04 PM

This is Cleo my little Sphynx. Isn’t she super cute! So friendly curious and clever.

07-19-18_10-15-23 PM

This is Josie an Abyssinian.  She is a mischievous prowling free spirit.

07-19-18_10-16-00 PM.jpg

This is Doc a Siamese. He is so talkative but an aloof glutton. He’ll eat anything!

07-19-18_10-16-12 PM

This little baby is Bartholomew A. Bittlebun, Jr. Just a little mixed breed kitten. He is a spoiled affection fluffball. If you see a hairball it was probably this little fluff.

07-19-18_9-39-55 PM.jpg

I recently made a new friend he is so handsome! He agreed to come home with me. I am such a lucky gal!

07-19-18_9-41-42 PM.jpg

Meet my new guy Leo a Javenese A talkative playful Prowler.

07-19-18_10-03-47 PM.jpg

We are just one big happy family! I am most pleased when I have my kitties all around me. Really is there anything else a sim could possibly want?


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