Welcome to Brindlewood Bay! This is my beautiful home A Good Home A beautiful restored house from the 19th century. My name is Brent Hecking and I live here with my husband Brant Hecking.

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We are newly wed and just moved into our new home! Life you could say is pretty much perfect!

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Meet Rosie are adorable furbaby. She is so cute and we have recently been giving her training to do be an award-winning show dog!

06-14-18_6-04-42 PM

That there is Toonces a stray that sort of came with the neighbourhood. Toonces has very quickly made our home her home as well. Some might say she is a pest but we think she is adorable maybe a few bad habits but with some training maybe we can tame the wild out of her.

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I spend most of my day in front of the easel. I have dreams of being a Painter Extraordinaire. I also am really into photography but that hobby takes a back seat to painting and dog training.

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Brant aspires to be a Body builder. He is built like a rock! Just look at him he’s so jacked I can paint him for days!

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Rosie and Toonces seem to get along. It’s nice that she has a friend to play with while we are at work.

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Often Brant will come home filthy and tired from his job as a personal Trainer and just pass out in the tub. I don’t know how any sim can sleep like that.

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“Ready to do some training Rosie?”

07-19-18_11-27-12 AM.jpg

“Good Girl!”

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“Opps I guess that’s enough for one day.”

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“Hello Lover.”

“Hey. What happened to Rosie’s nose?”

“We had an accident in training today.”

“Oh you poor baby was Brent being a big ol meanie?”

“Oh Puh-lease.”

“That’s it I guess she’s coming to work with me tomorrow.”

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“Speaking of work. I was thinking?”

“Oh here we go.”

“So you know I love this house right, and I love you..”


“But there needs to be some changes..”

“Go on.”

“Like this porch for example. I see us together in our easy chairs getting old together on this porch.”


“Don’t get too mushy yet.. it’s this porch well, it’s just too small for what I am picturing.”

“Well what did you have in mind?”

“Why don’t I just show you.”

“Show me?”

“I’m going to paint you! You wait right here I’ll be right back.”

07-19-18_12-27-22 PM.jpg

Perfect Rosie and Toonces made it in the picture too.

07-19-18_12-29-11 PM.jpg

Well you get the picture.

07-19-18_1-09-09 PM

“Hey there good looking. Thought I’d find you outside” I teased.

“I was thinking about what you said last night. You know about the porch.”


“Well, What if we did a wrap around and extended it out into the backyard.”


“We would have to chop down a couple of trees to do it but it can be done.”

07-19-18_1-09-54 PM.jpg

“Who’s going to chop trees? You?”

“Yeah I can get started right away!”

“Well, okay then.. yeah let’s do it.”




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Looking around our property we do have a huge yard and I barely get any use of it. Brant on the other hand loves the outdoors and if we can bring a little more of life’s little comforts outside we will have a happy life here.

07-19-18_1-12-10 PM.jpg

It was the very next day Brant had bought and brought home the materials necessary to begin work. His first task was to chop down some trees and extend the fence line.

07-19-18_1-23-26 PM.jpg

He must have worked on it all day because when I can home from work the trees were down and there was lumber literally all over the yard.

07-19-18_2-04-25 PM.jpg

“There’s my lumber jack! Looks like you’ve been busy today!”

“Yeah what do you think?”

“Looks like you have a lot of work to do. Now what are we going to do with this wood.”

“I got an idea or two.”

“Oh you’re bad!” I giggled.

07-19-18_2-04-58 PM.jpg

Love is in the air because someone is going into labour.

07-19-18_2-22-37 PM.jpg

Toonces must have been pregnant this whole time! She gave birth to a single kitten before running away.

07-19-18_2-25-11 PM.jpg

Our little furbaby family sure is growing.

07-19-18_2-28-25 PM.jpg

We were so surprised about the kitten but could hardly celebrate our joy with Toonces gone.

07-19-18_2-31-01 PM.jpg

Why would she leave her new-born kitty? We stayed up and took turns snuggling and feeding the kitten with a dropper. I put an ad out to find Toonces hopefully she will come home safe and sound soon her family needs her.

07-19-18_2-33-43 PM.jpg

Rosie has been great with the kitten too only a little jealous she’s not the centre of attention.

07-19-18_2-34-16 PM.jpg

Toonces was more of a wild animal it was silly of us to think we can tame that!



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