Deep in the Mysterious City of Forgotten Hollow, A dark and looming mansion sits looking down upon the town square. What tormented soul may actually live there?

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The door is sealed tightly. Creatures of the night seem to be watching every movement yet everything remains still. The brass knocker slams down echoing throughout the cold damp mansion.

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Could it be that no one lives here anymore? A long journey to find this place only to discover nobody is home?

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The lights then suddenly flickered on a colony of bats swarmed the skies! A black mist revealed a secret that had been hiding for what must be an eternity appeared.

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“Oh! I’m sorry sir I didn’t think anyone was home.”

“You have woke me from my hibernation!” He yelled

“Uh I’m sorry I didn’t realize…”

“You didn’t realize what common courtesy! You haven’t even brought me anything to eat! Who are you?”

“Well actually that’s kind of why I’m here I uh..’

“I don’t care now stay away from here if you know what’s good for you!” The mystery sim interrupted pointing his finger towards the gates exiting the mansions grounds.

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In a puff of black mist he was gone. I was literally left standing there hungry, scared, tired, and what’s worse the sun was beginning it’s slow rise and I had nowhere to hide. Not one of my greater moments.

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I read about this place in Lore books. A safe haven for people like me. Like me.. what even am I? A monster? I have changed. I’ve lost everything. I still have nightmares like it was yesterday. I guess that’s because I just turned, recently, and everything about my life as I know it is gone. What have I become? I need answers!

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“I see you’re still here?”

“Uh yeah, I don’t exactly have anywhere else to go.”

“A lost boy.”

“Uh I guess, hey that statue looks oddly similar to you is it?”

“Don’t you know anything? I am Count Vladislaus Straud IV”

“Actually I don’t know a lot about a lot of things. My name is Nicholas”


“But, I was hoping maybe you would help me? I have so many questions?”

“Well first you’re going to have to clean up after yourself. I have kept a low profile for all this time I don’t need some fledgling luring hunters back to Forgotten Hollow, clean up this mess!”

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“Yes of course.”

“Now excuse me but I haven’t had anything to eat in an eternity.” The count vanished into the dark mist before appearing in front of a nearby sim he drank deeply sloppily and for much longer than you would think it should take.

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After he was done feeding the dark mist swallowed him up again and he was gone.

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That’s such a cool trick. Much more efficient then this walking everywhere thing.

“Boy! You don’t quit do you?”

“Look man the sun is coming up soon, I’m freaking out can you let me in?”

“Why should I?”

“I can help you.”

“You’re going to help me? I think it is you that is asking me for help?”

“Well yeah your dark mist trick is so cool I was hoping you could teach me that.”

“Maybe, for a price, what do you think you can offer me that I do not already have”

“Well It appears you don’t get out much and you are a seriously creepy looking dude no offense but you smell like plum. You are a downright scary sim but your thin, starving even. I watched you hunt just now and it looked like it was the first time you’ve ever eaten. You’re hungry and not just for plasma fruit”

“Who do you think you are coming here and insulting me! Do you know who I am?”

“I have a feeling you’re going to tell me all about it, why don’t you take me inside I’m starting to burn up out here.” I teased smiling smugly

“You really think you can help me?”

“I read strength is in numbers.”

“Heh. Fine. Come in.” He disappeared with the black mist. The doors to the mansion creaked open and dust and cobwebs fell from them. For a sim who didn’t need to use doors these had probably not been opened in lifetimes.

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“Welcome to my home. I guess you can stay, if you must. There’s room upstairs you can use, you may find some new clothes in there. There’s some plasma trees around the grounds if you get hungry, don’t you dare draw any attention to us! We don’t want to trigger a hunt. When I am in the dungeon do not disturb me! Unless of course you have brought dinner.”

“Nice pad you got here, are you a collector of dust bunnies too?”

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“You can go back outside? I hear the sun is quite bright this time of day.”

“No I’m good here, thank you.”

“Don’t have that power do you.”

“Wait what?”

“Not to smart are you boy.”

“This is new to me it’s not like you can just look up Vampire secrets on the computer and be a sudden expert.”


“Yeah! How long were you in hibernation?”

“Not long enough it would seem.”

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“Whoa what’s this?”

“That there boy is the encyclopedia of Vampirism. I suppose that’s as good a place as any to start your training. You have a lot to learn.”

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“Says the old man that’s never heard of a computer.”

“What am I getting myself into.” he shrugged his shoulders before moving as the mist.

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“Hey Count it says here that there’s a way Vampire Sims can walk in the sun!? Do you know that trick?”

“Of course I know that trick.”

“I have got to learn that one.”

“Be careful about the powers you learn the more powers you get the more you may succumb to weakness.”

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I felt my eyes feeling heavy maybe it was the dust maybe it was the small print. I took a break to listen to the Count play a song on his organ it was oddly familiar yet I had never heard it before. It was then I realized I hadn’t bathed, washed my clothes, or slept in a bed in almost a week, maybe longer.

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It was as if I had become one with the filth.

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The mansion is drafty cold and damp. Not to mention everything being coated in a mountain of dust.

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I found myself admiring the portraits on the wall. The counts descendants maybe? Were they all vampires too?

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The bed sunk when I flopped onto it. A could of dust whirled around and I imagined it was my own dark mist. Everything before this has lost meaning. I’m a different sim and this is my home now.


Stay Tuned For Chapter 2