Welcome to my home the Hakim House Apartments in San Myshuno. My name is Billie Jang and I’m just a child! I live here with my mom Anaya and my dad Baako. My mom is a talented Artist and Musician and my dad is a funny guy! He makes jokes for work and that’s so funny!

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Mom helps me do my homework lots so I have an A report card at school and that’s really good. Mom and dad are always so proud of me when I bring home an A grade and then it goes on the fridge and that makes me feel happy!

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Sometimes I get scared because there’s a mean creature living under my bed and sometimes it tries to get me and it’s not very friendly. I don’t like it because I am trying to sleep at night and it’s always waking me up like every single night! I think it wakes up mom and dad too because when I went to go ask for help there was a crying and screaming sound. Then I heard my dad laughing so they are okay. I was still so scared but so tired and so I just fell asleep on the couch.

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Because I had such a good report card we went out to the park to celebrate and I invited my best friend Elsa Bjergson she got an A report card too. My other good friend is Ariana Carillo.

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We played Pirates all day it was so much fun! It’s been raining for days so I am happy that it didn’t just rain on us and we could play.

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When we got back home some of our neighbours came by to welcome us.

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I guess none of our neighbours has kids though, so I was sad I didn’t get to make new friends but dad was happy to practice jokes for them and everybody was laughing.

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Mom and dad really like our neighbours Carrie and Salim. It’s too bad they didn’t have a kid for me to play with though so I just did my homework and then they stayed for dinner and took up all the seats at the table so I had to sit on the cushions. That’s okay the cushions are comfy.

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The creature keeps coming back and I can never get any sleep this time mom sprayed the creature and it went away. So scary!

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My mom! She likes to paint all the time!

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I want to get the biggest A so I just did some extra credit work before school.

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Then I remembered I had a project and I didn’t even start it yet so I am trying to get it all done before school.

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Breakfast was ready and I wasn’t done yet so I will just have to finish after school, that’s okay though.

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Mom is still learning to cook good and so she only made fruit salad because she was scared of the fire coming. That’s okay though because I like fruit salad but maybe one day she will learn more cooking.

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Ew mom and dad are acting weird again. They do that sometimes and it makes me embarrassed. Just ignore them or it will make your breakfast spill out of your mouth.

07-10-18_8-45-22 PM.jpg

I had a little more time before school started and I was able to finish my project like a good girl!

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Mom must have been too flirty because she made all her breakfast spill out of her mouth! Not me though I just did my project and my breakfast stayed in my tummy.

07-10-18_9-04-11 PM

She learned a new cooking recipe because it was so yummy. I like the part with all the cheese melting!

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I don’t think mom liked it so good because her lunch spilled out of her mouth. She had to go lay down because she wasn’t feeling good all day.

07-10-18_9-08-07 PM.jpg

Daddy brought her home a medicine that she had to use the toilet with to see how sick she was. She came out and told dad and he was so happy and cheering I could hear from my room. Like why would you be happy from being so sick, I don’t know he just likes laughing I think.

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Then mom came in to tell me a baby brother or sister was coming soon! So that means there are going to be some changes but I’m not sure what that is yet. I waited all night for my baby brother or sister to come over but they didn’t show up so maybe they forgot they were supposed to come over.

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I got extra good credit on my school project and so mom said I could invite my best friend Elsa over she said to invite their mom and dad too so they could all meet each other.

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Mr. Bjergson laughed at all my dads jokes because he is the funniest sim!

07-10-18_9-22-46 PM.jpg

Elsa and me played a lot and got our homework done. She told me about how she is in scouts now and I’m going to ask my mom if I can be a scout too because I have a good report card and scouts will make me a super sim like Elsa!

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We had lots of fun with the Bjergson’s and I am happy that my mom and dad get along with my best friends so we can all be best friends together forever.

07-10-18_9-46-31 PM

At dinner mom tried another new recipe and I liked this one too because it had cheese on it melting like the sandwich did. She said that my brother or sister will be here soon but they still didn’t come so maybe they got lost or something, I don’t know.

07-10-18_9-53-35 PM

Mom joined a group with a lot of other moms that have kids too. They said they will come over whenever to help clean cook or fix things because being a mommy is hard and sometimes you need a break. I think they should bring their kids too but maybe another time they will bring them to see me. Maybe when my brother or sister finally come over.

07-10-18_10-20-42 PM.jpg

So I learned today that my baby brother or sister are already here. I didn’t know that they were going to be in her tummy. I don’t know how they got in there but they are almost ready to come out. I hope they come out soon so they can play with me there is not many kids in San Myshuno so it will be fun to finally have someone to play with everyday. Well mom had an accident and pee’d all over. She said she broke the water so I think maybe we need a repair sim to fix the broken water. I hope it gets fixed soon because I like to have bubble baths. Dad freaked out about it and I am really worried they left right away and I had to stay home with a babysitter.

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Mom and dad were gone for a long time and it was getting past my bedtime. They don’t normally leave without me and I don’t like when they are gone for long so I am really sad.

07-10-18_10-27-33 PM.jpg

They came home in the middle of the night and there was so much crying it woke me up. It’s a good thing there was no school the next day or I would have been grumpy and sleeping in class.

07-10-18_10-36-14 PM.jpg

All that crying was keeping me awake so when I went to go see what it was my brothers had spilled out of my mom. I must be the luckiest sim because I have two baby brothers now and they are so cute! Except when they are crying because I am trying to sleep. I never get a lot of sleep.

07-10-18_10-37-26 PM.jpg

They are too small for me to play with for a while and mom is going to need all the help she can get so I have to help out more and do my chores like a good girl!

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Everybody meet my baby brother Jumo that means born on Friday and his twin Ayo that means happy! because it is a Happy Friday and we were so surprised of two babies!

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