Oh hello there! Welcome to my home 20 Culpepper house in the Culpepper Apartments in San Myshuno. My name is Geeta and I live here with my son Raj.

07-06-18_10-29-41 AM.jpg

Speaking of my boy! This is Raj! I’m so proud of him he is such a hard worker as a pastry chef. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen together trying out new recipes and eating the delicious food!

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“Raj my boy now that you have worked yourself up in your career why don’t you find yourself a nice girl and get married.”

“Oh mother, not this again.”

“You are not going to be young forever my boy it is time for you to find yourself a nice girl.”

“Yes Mother.”

“Also you have been putting on some weight you should try losing a few pounds.”


“I just want the best for you Raj.”

07-06-18_10-48-54 AM

It may be winter and I may not have a yard but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fresh herbs. I will plant some sage parsley and basil. Hopefully we get enough natural sunlight in here to help them grow.

07-06-18_10-49-33 AM

The chef life does come with its downfalls and that is gaining weight eating all that high calorie food. If I want my boy to find a nice girl he should look his best to impress. I’m not raising no slobs here.

07-06-18_10-50-49 AM

A gentle practice to help me unwind from the day.

07-06-18_11-04-55 PM

The welcome wagon arrived to greet us to the neighbourhood. How lovely! We have so many nice neighbours. Could one of these be a potential wife for my boy? I took it upon myself to get to know our neighbours in the hopes one of them may be right for my boy.

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There is Kelsi Turpin. She is a cheerful and creative foodie.

07-06-18_10-59-02 PM

Mila Cantu is Family orientated neat but clumsy.

07-06-18_10-59-54 PM

Mila’s younger sister Sheena Cantu who is an ambitious but childish geek.

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“What good luck we have Raj that a guest from our welcome party may be your future bride! I think you should spend the next little while getting to know each of them you are not young forever and young pretty girls like that will not stay unwed long.”

“I know mother.”

“Well what are you waiting for my boy?”

“Mother we just met them I do not know yet.”

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You may think I am being harsh to my Raj but I mean well I only want the best. I just want to see my grandchildren before I get too old.

07-06-18_11-18-31 PM

“Hello Neighbour what’s cooking it smells so good!”

“Oh hello Kelsi come on in have a bite. Raj hurry up in their we have company.”

“I’ll be right out.”

07-06-18_11-22-22 PM.jpg

“So Kelsi tell us more about yourself!”

“I just moved to San Myshuno, I am still looking for my dream job. I hope to one day become a Master Chef.”

“Oh! How nice did you know Raj is a pastry Chef?!”

“Oh wow! Good for you Raj no wonder your apartment always smells so good.”

07-06-18_11-27-37 PM

“I know lots of people in the industry I can give them your name of you like Kelsi.”

That would be lovely! Thank you Raj.”

07-06-18_11-25-01 PM

Kelsi and Raj stayed up and watched a movie called College Cram and chatted for a while.

07-06-18_11-35-53 PM.jpg

The next Morning Mila knocked on the door. She was feeling really flirty and wanted to hang out as a relief from boredom.

07-06-18_11-37-36 PM

Raj is not flirty at all. So she better up that charm if she wants to try to entice my boy. I decided to just let the two of them get to know each other better while I wrote a food review for my job.

07-06-18_10-38-44 AM.jpg

I think out of the lovely ladies we have met these last few days I like Kelsi and Mila. Kelsi seems very interested in her Career as restaurant rater though while Mila is interested on focusing on family. I hope that Raj picks best.

07-07-18_11-36-04 PM.jpg

“You can’t sleep either mother?”

“How could anyone sleep through the absurdities! I’m going over there!”

“Mother please don’t do anything crazy!”

“I’m mad I have to work tomorrow it’s been going on for hours that is not normal woohoo!”

07-07-18_11-38-46 PM

Ugh that tramp isn’t even married she should be ashamed off herself! I’m just so relieved it wasn’t Kelsi or one of the Cantu girls they have more respect for themselves.

07-08-18_5-38-49 PM

A couple of days later it was new years. We invited over our new neighbours and friends to help us ring in the new year. New Years was a success!

07-08-18_5-38-59 PM

Though, Raj still hasn’t chosen who he will propose to. I don’t know why he thinks he has all the time in the world but I do hope he comes to his senses soon. I certainly have my favourite can you guess who? Who do you think he should propose too?

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