Hello! We are the Bheeda family. My name is Jesminder, that’s my husband Arun and meet baby Hesh. We live in the Jasmine suites at 2A in San Myshuno. With the new addition to out family we are trying to find a new place to live. I love the Old Salt House but it is out of our price range. I do not want to leave the spice district. I love it here and do not wish to start over somewhere else.

07-08-18_10-09-06 PM

Arun has been calling around and getting prices I really hope he is able to find something for us.

07-08-18_11-00-58 PM

“There is a larger apartment across the hall. I have arranged for us to check it out later today.” Arun smiled optimistically.

“Well that might work at least we wouldn’t have to move very far.”

“We will go after breakfast.”

“Sounds good.”

07-08-18_6-10-34 PM

“Well that didn’t go well.” Arun shook his head

“That place smells horrible and this dog! What kind of sim just moves out and leave their dog behind!”

“Poor thing is so sick we can’t just leave him here Jesminder.”

“Well what are you going to do we are already overcrowded in our apartment to have another sim living there.”

“I will take care of him Jesminder and don’t worry my love we will find a new home soon.”

“Fine but it’s not coming in until you get him to a vet we can’t have that beast bringing in who know what around baby Hesh.”

“Okay, I’ll be back soon as I can know there is a vet in Brindleton Bay I will bring him there.”

“See if he is chipped maybe we can find who he belongs to.”

“I will ask but no I do not think anyone who would leave him behind is fit to have him back just look at the poor animal he has been mistreated.”

07-08-18_6-11-27 PM.jpg

“He is gross Arun I can’t look at him. We will talk about this later please bring him to the vet I must go care for baby Hesh now.”

“It’s not your fault you are a gross dog. Come with me I’ll get you all fixed up.”

07-08-18_6-17-03 PM

“Finally arrived at Brindleton Pawspital. We will get you fixed up soon dog.”

07-08-18_6-17-47 PM.jpg

“Okay well let’s get you checked in.. dogs name. What’s your name? Hmm, we will call you Sheru. Sheru Bheeda.”

07-08-18_6-18-31 PM.jpg

“It’s a busy night here eh.” A stranger spoke.

“Yes, wow I can’t believe how busy I didn’t expect this.” Arun answered.

“Names Bob, Bob Pancakes and that’s Buddy Newbie we have been here for hours already waiting hopefully we get in soon.”

“Nice to meet you Bob. My name is Arun and that’s Sheru. Poor thing, found him abandoned in the apartment next door.”

07-08-18_6-18-51 PM.jpg

“That a shame, good for you to take on the responsibility of getting him fixed up. This is a good vet. He will get the help he needs.”

“Bob and Buddy, come this way please. Arun and Sheru we are ready for you.” The Vet assistant called out.

“Well that’s us good luck Arun and Sheru see you around eh?”

“Yes it was nice to meet you Bob and Buddy.”

07-08-18_6-19-52 PM.jpg

“This isn’t our room Sheru oh I’m sorry Bob looks like Sheru and Buddy really like each other.”

“I see that. we will have to keep in touch so these two can be friends!”

“No kidding I’m sorry again come on Sheru our vet is waiting.” Arun called out and Sheru followed Arun down the hall obediently.

07-08-18_6-20-17 PM

It took a couple tries for the vet to examine Sheru as he kept jumping off the examination table. He could hear Buddy barking in the other room and wanted to visit her so badly.

07-08-18_6-20-40 PM

“Well the good news is we can cure him. There are two treatment options a cheap one that isn’t always effective or an expensive one that will have him back to normal in no time. What will it be sir.”

“Please just get him well I don’t care the cost.”

07-08-18_6-23-13 PM

“Good choice sir this will just take a moment.”

07-08-18_6-23-28 PM

“All better! You have yourself a good dog there sir.”

“Thank you so much.” Arun was please to see Sheru looking healthy again and not that he didn’t smell anymore he did look like a really good dog. Arun learned that he is a field spaniel An active independent hunter. There was no microchip or collar to indicate who his owners were or anything so Arun decided he would keep him.

07-08-18_9-10-26 PM

“So we can keep him right Jesminder my love.”

“I had never planned on having a pet dog but he does seem so full of life and maybe it won’t be so bad to have a dog around for baby Hesh to play with.”

“Yes! I did see a home that might be nice in Brindleton Bay maybe we can consider living there?”

07-08-18_9-10-53 PM

“No I want to stay in the spice district if we can.”

“Well, they did tear down that karaoke place there and the lot is for sale. Maybe we can buy it and build?”

“What I really want is to live in the Old Salt house.”

“Well its expensive my love.”

07-08-18_9-22-42 PM

“I know, but wouldn’t building be just as expensive.”

“Not necessarily, I will look into the costs but we may be able to build your dream house and do it on a budget. If we save costs on furnishings and stay in budget I think we will be able to afford it.”

“Well check please and if you think we can put in our offer. Oh baby Hesh is crying again. Do you mind tending to him I’ll clean up here.”

07-08-18_9-26-48 PM

“Shh baby Hesh. Guess what my baby boy! We got a pet dog today! What do think of that? His name is Sheru. Sleep now my baby.” Arun cooed.

07-08-18_7-34-38 PM

“Jesminder my love. you started your painting again?”

“Yes dear, the way I see it we are going to need all the simoleans we can get right now and I’m not working right now so I figured I would sell some of my art.”

“That’s a great idea!”

07-08-18_11-22-55 PM

“You should see Sheru, right now he is watching over hesh it’s like he is guarding him.”

“I guess he has turned out to be a pretty good dog.”

“Yeah! I have already made good friends with him. He is a good hunter too!”

“Well you are responsible for him now you have to talk him for walks all the time.”

“That’s the great part Jesminder. If I am at work and he walks to go out you can just let him out he is an independent dog!”

“Okay. I said you could keep him already stop selling me and please, please find us a new home.”

07-08-18_10-17-45 PM.jpg

Arun stayed up late that night on the phone and browsing the web in the hopes of finding a new place to live.

07-08-18_10-16-54 PM

“Arun my love have you been up all night?”

07-08-18_10-21-27 PM

“I have yes. But I have great news! I put in an offer on the Waterside Warble lot where the karaoke place used to be and it’s ours!”


“Yes my love and I stayed up all night drawing up the plans for the new build. Our new home will look almost identical to The Old Salt House only opposite!” I have arranged for the contractors to start right away!”

“Oh Arun that is wonderful! I am so happy!”

“It will be tight but I think if you keep up your painting we will be able to make it.”

“Oh Arun that’s wonderful! You should get some sleep though you look exhausted.”

“Can’t I have work, I must leave now. Have a great day and don’t forget to send Sheru out.”

07-08-18_10-22-51 PM.jpg

Arun gave Sheru a pet before heading off to work as a code monkey.

07-08-18_10-23-42 PM

The rest of the week was very uneventful Arun went to work and I stayed home painting and caring for Hesh and Sheru.

07-08-18_11-16-14 PM

A Masterpiece a few more big sellers like this and we will be able to get some decent furnishings fr the new home.

07-08-18_11-23-10 PM

I could watch our new home being built from the main window and getting excited everyday. It went up surprisingly fast it wouldn’t be long before they were living in their new home.

07-08-18_10-52-31 PM

I was feeling a little overwhelmed with painting and my motherly duties so I started a gathering with Mom Fever a group that my friend Meaghan is the leader of. Just a group of moms that get together and talk about parenting or hang out and have a break from for a while. We cooked up some treats and socialized for most of the day. Penny Pizzazz also came by she is not part of the group but a really good friend of mine. Everyone had gone home by the time Arun got back from work.

07-08-18_11-30-05 PM

Everyone had gone home by the time Arun got back from work. Arun spent most of the evening browsing the web and playing on the tablet. I was exhausted from the day and took a nap only waking up to join him for dinner.

07-08-18_11-31-33 PM

“I have great news for you my love.” Arun smiled.


“The Waterside Warble is built!”

07-08-18_11-31-34 PM.jpg

“Seriously it is ready?” Jesminder squeaked.

07-08-18_11-31-40 PM

“Yes we can move in tomorrow!”

“Wow how did they get it done so fast!”

“I did pay a little extra to have it rushed I know we are cramped in this tiny apartment and Hesh will be a toddler soon!”

07-08-18_11-31-57 PM

“Oh Arun that’s amazing! I still can’t believe it is ready so soon!”

“Pack your things my love we take possession tomorrow!”

“Have you seen it is it everything we dreamed?”

“You will just have to wait and see.” Arun laughed.

07-08-18_11-33-11 PM

“Oh Arun you are amazing! Thank you so much for taking such good care of our family!” Jesminder hugged Arun tightly.

07-08-18_11-36-29 PM

The next day we moved into our new home and it was everything I could have ever hoped for!

07-08-18_11-43-57 PM

We are a little house poor we barely were able to afford it but we have the essentials and over time we will be able to design and furnish the interior of the house the way we want it! I couldn’t be happier.

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