Hello everybody,

My Name is Morgan Fyres! I live at the Dresden House in Windenburg with my family.

06-29-18_11-02-27 PM

That’s my dad Dominic he’s okay he aspires to be a musical genius so he spends most of his time doing that.

06-29-18_11-03-58 PM

That’s my mom Moira she is usually to be found digging in the dirt.

06-29-18_7-36-26 PM

And that’s my sister Siobhan. Right now she is working in business but she really wants to work towards a fashion career and wants to open her own chain of retail stores. It might take her awhile to get there so for now she is learning the ways of business. She is the trendiest sim I have ever met.

06-29-18_10-34-28 PM

Our first day here called for unknown weather and it rained, snowed, blowed and was sunny all in one day. It was sunny long enough to entertain our Welcoming committee somebody brought fruitcake and it was probably the worst thing we ever ate no one felt very good after. Our neighbours are a little strange. I didn’t really see anyone my own age or that I’d be interested in getting to know so I skipped out of the meet and greets.

06-14-18_12-01-50 AM

I had some homework to catch up on anyway. My grades have been slipping I am carrying a C grade. I have just been so busy working my part-time job as a fry cook, and my commitments to the Renegades. I am actually working up the courage to quit the Renegades though. The major theme of the group is to be mean to the group Paragons and that’s my sister’s group.

06-14-18_12-00-43 AM

I know my sister and me have our differences and she is not impressed with my fashion choices but I still love her and I don’t want to be mean to her all the time that’s exhausting and it would make living with her awkward. I think I will submit my resignation tomorrow. Oh and I did take her advice on at least one thing I changed my dreadful hairstyle okay a minor change just adding bangs but it looks really good on me I like it!

06-29-18_11-06-31 PM.jpg

The weather stopped being strange just long enough for my mom to start her fall garden. Her seeds came today and she nearly jumped out of her body and rushed outside to plant them.

06-29-18_11-27-21 PM

Recently my dad’s newest obsession is learning Guitar, he is bad. I came home late from working at the Fast Food Joint to find him practicing and I quietly snuck past him to my room to sleep.

06-29-18_11-35-53 PM

Monday’s are the worst! I quit the Renegades today too and this made the day very unpleasant! Well I submitted my resignation and that little plum Max went nuts and taunted me all day. On top of it all I got a huge homework assignment and a School Project! Ugh could this day suck anymore oh yeah, it can, it can frigging rain all day. Oh man, and the Calendar says tomorrow is Run a Marathon Day. Who’s idea was that anyway?!

06-29-18_11-37-43 PM

I did make a new friend today and she came home with me after School. Meet Cassandra Goth. Now that I am not preoccupied with Renegades during lunch break I realized I didn’t have any real friends. I saw her sitting alone so I asked to join her and she said yes. I still don’t know much about her but I think we can be good friends. She’s a good listener and let me vent out all my problems. I should probably tell Siobhan I quit the Renegades too.

06-29-18_11-45-50 PM

Oh good the Paragons are gathering here so I can let everyone know. Siobhan looks a little upset, hopefully my news will cheer her up?

06-29-18_11-45-24 PM

All is forgiven and I met Luna briefly she was very understanding and forgave me, said I could sit with her at lunch anytime I wanted.

06-30-18_1-03-26 PM

After Dinner Dominic went out with his group of buddies The Good Timers. They met at the bar Shrieking Llama for drinks and games.

06-30-18_1-41-40 PM

Meanwhile we had a girls night in joking and watching movies.

06-30-18_12-07-49 AM.jpg

The next day everyone went on the marathon run while I was at school. I still get participation points if I hit the treadmill, just add it to my ongoing list of responsibilities!

06-30-18_12-35-44 AM.jpg

Well Marathon Day was a success, barely!

06-30-18_11-47-49 AM.jpg

I finished clocking in my workout for Marathon day in just enough time before I had to leave for work. I guess homework and my school project will just have to wait until after work.

06-30-18_11-51-24 AM

Mom was feeling lost without her garden to tend as it has been raining everyday so, she bought a Bonsai tree and has been bringing the outdoors indoors with all of her plants and green things.

06-30-18_11-53-23 AM

Siobhan was promoted to Assistant to the Manager so she has been focusing on skill building most of the time and has all these reports to fill out. She is not really the happiest with her job I know she’d rather be doing something in Fashion. Well I’d rather not be a fry cook but I don’t have time to learn any cooking skills. So who really loves their jobs anyway?

06-30-18_11-57-22 AM

Oh wow, I am too tired to any school work. Maybe I will have a quick nap and try to get some done in the night when everyone else is asleep.

06-30-18_12-18-28 PM

My dad got promoted to jingle jammer. Seems everyone is progressing in their life aspirations except me. Being a Teenager is hard.

06-30-18_12-03-01 AM

Mom heard me working and I think she feels bad I am working harder than she is, so she came to help me out with my homework that was nice of her but I still haven’t even started my school project build a bridge. Oh well I guess it’s not going anywhere anytime soon and neither is my grade still sitting at a C.

06-30-18_12-29-39 AM

The next day the rain had let up a little bit and mom called her group Garden Gnomes out to the Park Hare Square for a gathering. There really wasn’t much to do there in regards to the groups usual activities so they just chatted for a while and got to know each other better.

06-30-18_12-30-58 PM

I guess she made pretty good friends with Meaghan Good as she came over later to hang out with mom some more.

06-30-18_12-33-58 PM.jpg

When I came home from school mom had made brownies for us. I decided to use one of my vacation days to catch up on some sleep and school work.

06-30-18_12-25-29 PM.jpg

Dad went out with his buddies from Spin Masters to Discotheque Pan Europa their usual hangout to DJ and dance party.

06-30-18_11-26-49 AM.jpg

Mom went out back to her secret fishing spot and pulled out something for dinner!

06-30-18_11-39-32 AM.jpg

Fresh Fish Tacos yum yum!

06-30-18_12-47-55 PM.jpg

Okay well I guess I have spent enough time procrastinating this project I better get to work on it. Hopefully I can get it done before tomorrow.

06-30-18_12-44-03 PM

Mom started learning flower arrangements and made her first arrangement of holly. It was of poor quality as she sneezed in it and over pruned a few pieces but it was after all her first arrangement and she was proud of it. Of course she displayed it for all to see in the dinning area. She also started studying Herbalism. She is really needing to find things to do to fill her free time while everyone is at work or school. Hopefully some of these hobbies will start to generate an income.

06-30-18_12-54-20 PM.jpg

Mom also started a new group called Roses are Red for her new flower arrangement hobby and was disappointed that flower arrangement or giving flowers were not activities listed. It is very similar to Garden Gnomes only it has seasonal activities instead of fishing and frogs. I did notice there’s a boost for floral arrangements so hopefully once there’s some members she can improve the club that way.

06-30-18_12-51-16 PM

Yes I finally finished this project just in time to go to school Friday morning! My grade didn’t improve but at least it didn’t get worse. I went to work as usual after school so looking forward to the weekend!

06-30-18_12-39-24 PM

I took advantage of my alone time to watch the comedy channel only for it to be interrupted by some protest, ugh seriously? These guys won’t quit what is it now? I guess that’s my sign to go to bed, I’m just not that into politics.

06-30-18_12-55-26 PM.jpg

Saturday morning Dad wasn’t feeling too good must have been a good party! He bought some medicine and napped most of the day away.

06-30-18_11-54-02 AM.jpg

Mom spent the day pruning the bonsai, harvesting the fall garden, and reading up on Herbalism.

06-30-18_2-00-36 PM

Siobhan called the Paragons out to meet at their usual spot Bathe De Rill.

06-30-18_1-51-09 PM

I took the opportunity to meet some new friends and made it a group! I called it Wild Thangs and we just basically get together and do whatever is fun at the time! Until next week take care friends.

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