Hello again it’s me Eliza, not too much has happened since last we spoke but oh yea.. it did I’m pregnant, again. The neat thing is I can rest Robert on my baby belly when I feed him that way but I’ve been weaning him off. This baby should be aging up by now if only there was a way to speed this process up.

06-07-18_8-32-19 PM

Oh that’s right, silly me, it is his birthday! I just forgot.. I guess I have baby brain or something.

06-07-18_8-35-50 PM

Bob loves his mini me and has been spending all his free time with little dude. Meanwhile I am just miserable.. this pregnancy is so much harder than the first one. I wonder why that is?

06-07-18_8-36-43 PM

Since Bob has been working the night shift it was up to me to put Robert to bed every night. Robert is a curious child and always requires a story. He gets that from me a little bit of the bookworm trait passing on? So I complied who could say no to that cute little face. Any day now he will have a new little sibling. That day can be any time now, I’m ready!

06-07-18_8-43-50 PM

Buddy is fascinated with Robert and they will play for hours. I am okay with that keeps Robert busy so I can do my own thing, which lately consists of trips to the washroom and napping.

06-07-18_8-55-35 PM

Somewhere Bob read that if you eat strawberries while pregnant you could influence the baby’s gender to be female he wanted to have a baby girl next and kept giving me strawberries. I hate strawberries, but the kitchen is far and I’m hungry. This better work because this is the most unsatisfying meal I have ever had!

06-07-18_9-08-46 PM

Later that night not one, but two baby girls were born. I am blaming the strawberries. We named them Betty and Beth. They are not identical we can tell them apart from their skin tone. Twins are hard, I am not prepared for this all they do is cry and wake the other, and with a toddler running around too! I gotta get out of this house maybe have an adult conversation, anything?

06-07-18_9-09-37 PM

I’ll be surprised if we all make it through this alive!

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