Hello My name in Dina Caliente! I live in Oasis Springs with my Sister Nina Caliente and My Momma Katrina Caliente. We live at Sultry Springside. Oh yeah I almost forgot, My momma just moved her new bae in Don Lothario. My Momma was like one of those teen moms you know so she is pretty young to have two young adults as daughters. It’s embarrassing sometimes when we get confused for being sisters but she loves it! Cringe!

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Honestly I think that’s what this whole Don Lothario dude is all about like she is just trying to fit in one last fling before she ages up and loses her youthful charm! He makes her feel young so I guess that great good for them I won’t let on that I’m creeped out her new bae is the same age as Nina and me but yea it’s totally cringy.

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He doesn’t seem to be complaining though, that guy is like scum to me seriously, he will flirt with anything that walks. He is dreamy though, like he really can turn on the charm and it’s hard to ignore, you know what I mean.

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Like the other night he literally left my momma’s room probably after a woohoo and came down to the kitchen. I was practicing drink making at the time for my job as a mixologist and he just grabs leftovers and starts doing push ups in front of me all sweaty and gross. Like who is he trying to impress here anyway am I right? That is impressive though I have to admit it’s not something you see everyday.

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Obviously, I quickly texted Nina to come see and we laughed ate leftovers and drank the many strange drinks I had concocted from practice. After a few cocktails Nina admitted to me that she also thought Don was a dream boat. Like, as if! Whateves I’m staying out of that one like, ew!

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