Hello everyone! My name is Celeste Garrison. I have dreams of being a master chef and I have a high expectation of what my food should look and taste like. I am only a teenager and my family just recently moved to Willow Creek. We bought the Parkshore house which is absolutely beautiful! Much nicer than my old house. I don’t remember too much from my life before this point but it’s a bit of a complicated story to be honest.

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There’s my family or rather what’s left of it.. That’s me and my cousin Boston fishing with our grandparents. Grandpa Enzo and Grandma Felicia. Boston and my parents disappeared on a hiking trip and were never heard of again. Boston and myself have lived with our grandparents as long as we can remember in fact we don’t really remember our parents. Enzo and Felicia don’t talk about it much either I love them but they are a little strange.

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We still go on family vacations all the time and we visit the same place our parents disappeared but there is literally no trace of them no one has ever seen or heard from them again. I know that all sounds pretty sad but I’ve lived a great life so far and I have a feeling it’s just the beginning!

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My grandpa Enzo is pretty great. He has taught me so much about life. He could really live off the land. He is a great fisherman and gardener we eat really well and fresh which I love! He smells kind of funny though because he makes his own deodorants and stuff but he really has taught me to be good as you can imagine it has been difficult growing up without parents.

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Boston is often mistaken for my brother but I don’t mind growing up with him under the circumstances he kinda of is like a brother to me and sometimes it’s just easier to agree than to explain he is my cousin and we are orphans living with our grandparents. I can’t wait for my first day at this new school and meet some new friends! Boston just graduated from high school and has been looking for a job. Wish us luck!

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