Hello My name is Liberty Lee and I just adopted a puppy! A family that had just moved in down the street had puppies and a baby in the same week and held an adoption and I couldn’t resist this snugly fur face! I’ve named this little one scruff and Scruff sure is a handful. She is a loyal pup and likes to be near me everywhere I go.

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This is my boyfriend Travis Scott we started dating shortly after our room-mate and best friend Summer moved out. We spend a lot of our time focusing on skill building and work performance activities even when we are together we engage in activities that build skills.

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It’s easy for us to get so wrapped up in work we forget to actually socialize so we have made it a habit to go on double dates with Summer and her new boyfriend. It could be as simple as having them over for dinner and a movie. We don’t get out much both of us enjoy staying closer to home.

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When it’s Summer’s turn to pick the date nights though she insists we go out so we reluctantly agreed. That was a mess it was our turn to do a duet and we sounded horrible. Summer encouraged us and said we weren’t that bad bless her she is such a good friend of the world but the other patrons actually booed us. Esteban took care of them and we continued to sing badly and loudly it actually was a lot of fun but maybe we need to practice singing before we try that again!

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We realized that it was Summer who took care of the cooking and cleaning and though we liked having the place to ourselves we realized we better learn to cook and clean up after ourselves.

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Scruff is so funny I am trying to train for work and she is literally always by my side. To be honest I’d rather socialize with her than meet other friends they just don’t understand my geeky humour.

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