After much planning the big day is here! We hired a musician a caterer and a bartender invited all our friends picked the venue and we are about to exchange vows!

06-05-18_9-01-44 PM

I couldn’t be happier it’s the perfect day for it! I still can’t believe I am marrying my best friend he is so handsome!

06-05-18_9-01-51 PM

We had decided to take my last name since I could never quite say his correctly and everyone was happy with that. The wedding was a great turnout but someone forgot or lost the wedding cake. I was grumpy about this because I was unable to get a gold party reward but in the end the important thing is what we came here to do and that is to get married to my best friend and have fun with friends!

06-05-18_9-11-12 PM

We celebrated pretty hard and things got pretty crazy! Eric and myself even snuck off and woohoo’d in the observatory when we came back a few of our guests had been spending a little too much time at the bar and the party and moved to a line up for the restrooms.

06-05-18_9-12-54 PM

We were having so much fun we forgot to take many pictures but we found this gem on Eric’s phone the next day. The next few days we spent recovering but I never seemed to recover. After a while I decided to try a pregnancy test.

06-05-18_10-25-21 PM

Sure enough the test came out positive I was eating for two! No wonder I was feeling so strange!

06-05-18_10-26-24 PM

I found Eric researching stocks that evening and I don’t usually interrupt his work but I walked right in and told him the news!

06-05-18_10-26-51 PM

We are going to make great parents! I guess it’s time to furnish that empty room for the nursery!

06-05-18_10-28-41 PM

I wanted to be the best parent i could be so I would stay up late after completing my yoga gardening painting routine to study parenting.

06-05-18_10-52-09 PM

To be honest it was getting harder to actually do the gardening so that morning I hired a gardener to come help.

06-05-18_10-31-48 PM

Honestly it was getting harder to do any of my chores all I wanted to do was sleep and use the toilet. Eric has been amazing though he has started cooking meals and cleaning and for some reason all the plumbing started to break. This was upsetting since everything was so new but he stayed calm and learned the handiness skill so he can fix it all up.

06-05-18_11-25-00 PM

That evening I went into labour. We went to the hospital right away as I was ready to give birth to this baby! I love this picture right as we were pulling up to the hospital and Eric was complaining of sympathy pains he has no idea what I am going through! I am so uncomfortable right now I am seeing red!

06-05-18_11-29-34 PM

What a beautiful bundle of joy.

06-05-18_11-41-42 PM

Times two! Yes we had twins! Double trouble! Everyone meet Claire and Cory Hawthorn!

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