Hey I know I said and I still am a cat lover but I fell in love with this little creature. Some of my new neighbours were having a stressful time their dog knocked up a stray and they had a baby themselves that same day. They were adopting out the puppies and well this little one ended up coming home with me. I named her Pooch she is so cute She is playful, loyal and stubborn so I have a hard time training her but she is so much fun to play with and I have a constant companion under my feet!

06-06-18_6-36-12 PM

Like I mentioned before Pooch loves to play she needs a lot of attention so I have been working from home a lot. My social media followers just love when I post photos of Pooch and pooch has got herself quite the following as well.

06-06-18_6-37-26 PM

She’s almost more internet popular than I am! Teaching this puppy to go potty was so difficult as she can’t use the stairs yet on her own I have to carry her up and down the stairs all day long. I know you shouldn’t wish these innocent years away but I will be happy hen she finally learns to go on her own!

06-06-18_6-59-34 PM

All that hard work I’ve been doing from home earned me a sweet promotion! I think this calls for a celebration. Then I realized maybe I had done enough celebrating, I have been eating a lot of sweets lately and my mid line is starting to show it. Maybe it’s time to join a gym? Eh, I’ll do it later I am feeling inspired to paint!

06-06-18_8-51-34 PM

That’s when this huge dog approached me oh my gosh it’s Pooch! She must have aged up while I was at work and she looks so much like her dad Buster. She begged me to take her for a walk and I decided to make it a jog maybe run off those extra pounds I’ve gained from all the fruit cake I’ve been eating. I love fruit cake!

06-06-18_8-26-41 PM

So we went for our first jog and it wasn’t so bad actually we both felt so energized after what a great feeling! Obviously I painted about this my office walls are quickly filling up with my art I’ll have to remember to share it with you soon.

06-06-18_8-23-55 PM

Since those puppies years were over and Pooch was finally trained to go outside I decided to renovate my home I took out the stained carpet and put in hardwood and painted, put wallpaper on the walls and bought some new furniture this place is starting to look like a home and though I bought a big enough pet for Pooch she prefers to sleep on my couch. Oh the joys!

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