Hello my name is Summer holiday and this is my boyfriend Esteban! We met at a Romance festival and fell in love immediately. Must have been something in the tea! He is so handsome and that accent of his makes me swoon. I moved out of the house I shared with my room mates Liberty and Travis and got a place right next door, the Daisy Hovel. It’s cute little fixer upper kind of place It’s a good starter for us while we focus on our careers.

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He has a job in politics and I am working nights as a bartender. I hope one day to own my own bar but for now I’ll just improve my skills.

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Because of our opposite schedules having quality date nights has been difficult but we usually have just enough time to have dinner together when he gets home from work and before I leave for work. I guess every relationship has its issues.

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I had been jogging around the neighborhood when I saw Esteban organizing a protest one day and things got a little messy. He was in such a foul mood I decided to take the night off work to comfort him and cheer him up. I’m not the best cook so we had grilled cheese sandwiches. We actually ate in front of the table with the TV off. My idea in case his little messy protest made sim news. I am pretty good at being cheerful and later that night after getting all cleaned up he proposed and I said yes!

I’m thrilled and am in full wedding planning mode!

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